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  1. Photo of Édouard Luntz

    Édouard Luntz Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gérard Zimmermann

    Gérard Zimmermann Cast

  3. Photo of Marise Maire

    Marise Maire Cast

  4. Photo of Eric Penet

    Eric Penet Cast

  5. Photo of Françoise Bonneau

    Françoise Bonneau Cast

  6. Photo of Arlette Thomas

    Arlette Thomas Cast

  7. Photo of Raoul Ploquin

    Raoul Ploquin Producer

  8. Photo of Serge Gainsbourg

    Serge Gainsbourg Music

  9. Photo of Henri Renaud

    Henri Renaud Music

  10. Photo of Jean Badal

    Jean Badal Cinematography

  11. Photo of Elliott Stein

    Elliott Stein Cast

  12. Photo of Nat Lilienstein

    Nat Lilienstein Cast

  13. Photo of Colette Kouchner

    Colette Kouchner Editing

  14. Photo of Suzanne Sandberg

    Suzanne Sandberg Editing