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  1. Claudia Laue's rating of the film Naked Opera

    Nach der dritten Zeitrafferaufnahme habe ich dann ausgeschaltet. Wie kommt man nur darauf, einen Film über einen dekadenten Homosexuellen (das ist ja das erste, was einem auf die Nase gebunden wird) zu machen? So ein uninteressantes Sujet habe ich lange nicht mehr gesehen. Schade um die Zeit.

  2. Miss Sophie's rating of the film Naked Opera

    I definitely beg mubi to put this splendid and only mildly soft-porn "Don Giovanni" adaptation from 1979 on it's list asap. This urge seems to be the only thing that's left from watching "Naked opera", which says a lot...

  3. Lapalu's rating of the film Naked Opera

  4. Arthur Freitas's rating of the film Naked Opera

  5. Tiba Hobus's rating of the film Naked Opera

  6. IKB 191's rating of the film Naked Opera

    I feel a mix of disgust and curiosity for this man. His behaviour toward the director is terrible. Must have been a nightmare to film. The beautiful locations end up to be just decadent scenography, filled with his loneliness. His research of Don Giovanni on the screen appears nothing but empty and squalid.

  7. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Naked Opera

  8. riraru's rating of the film Naked Opera

    Schwer reicher, schwer kranker Mann ist verliebt in Pornostar und Mozarts Schwulst-Oper Don Giovanni. Er bildet sich ein, großartig zu sein und will nach seinem Ableben nicht vergessen werden, darum wohl dieser Film – eine Auftragsarbeit? Läßt trotzdem tief blicken.

  9. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Naked Opera

    Portrait of a very lonely man, living a bizarre life. There are a lot of strong images of his solitude. But somehow the whole thing is going nowhere.

  10. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Naked Opera

    A bourgeois asshole with limited knowledge of opera or Mozart (his talk about music is full of platitudes) and whose only quality is his incurable illness travels around the world to see "Don Giovanni" and gives insight into his boring and stuck-up thoughts. In my opinion the filmic strategies - e.g jump cuts - are used to mask the fact that the director had no clue how to make a coherent film from her material.

  11. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Naked Opera

    Reminded me of opera lovers I know... a diva thing or two.

  12. Furio Spinosi's rating of the film Naked Opera

    Almost meaningless, pretentious, revolting. I actually didn't get the whole point.

  13. Morse's rating of the film Naked Opera

    No me gustó, muy decadente

  14. lolicht's rating of the film Naked Opera

    docu improbable a regarder au 28eme degrés !

  15. Benjamin Bello's rating of the film Naked Opera

    Marc est un homme qui cherche le jugement, dans la chair, la foi et la raison. Dans la réinterprétation de Don Giovanni, le documentaire (du moins à accepter comme tel) transpose le drame du héros italien à ce petit bonhomme burlesque du Luxembourg, que rien n'effraye, sauf de ne jamais connaitre un jour peut-être, le sentiment fort de l'amour qu'on lui porterait. Tragique.

  16. Jean-Go's rating of the film Naked Opera

    Dense, flottant, lumineux, tragique, ce documentaire suit les tribulations de ces hommes rares qui savent romancer leurs vies, se mettre en scène, au point de devenir des personnages de fiction. Incapables peut-être de composer une oeuvre ou de se réaliser, le silence éternel auquel ils sont promis ne doit pas nous faire oublier qu'ils sont des pans de romans perdus dans le réel. Ce film est dédié à cette mémoire.

  17. Clarisse Lemaitre's rating of the film Naked Opera

    Entre documentaire et fiction, d'une mise en scène remarquable semant le doute chez spectateur, ce film talentueux n'en finit pas de regorger de trouvailles toutes plus subtiles les unes que les autres, auxquelles nous en arrivons à une question finale: comment a-t'elle fait pour nous faire douter à ce point ?

  18. Caillouquiroule's rating of the film Naked Opera

    Le documentaire est d'abord méchant et irrévérencieux (c'est un compliment, vu le personnage suivi, aussi fascinant qu'insupportable), mais tombe dans une certaine facilité quand il assume une mise en scène qui n'apporte pas grand chose de plus (la faute à certains procédés éculés). On sent par ailleurs un montage qui frôle la malhonnêteté, c'est dommage.

  19. rociof's rating of the film Naked Opera

    Que personaje tan complejo y sencillo a la vez. Un admirador de la belleza masculina. Agradable sorpresa.

  20. Trias's rating of the film Naked Opera

    First World Problems is the way I can best describe this film. Marc is snobbish, bitter and arrogant wealthy man who's obsesive and mistrusting of anyone, in his loneliness he recruits boys to cope with it. The movie is ruthless showing almost no redeeming qualites of him, even his lifelong sickness and loneniless are overshadowed by his arrogance and the constant lurking for a satisfying Don Giovanni interpretation.

  21. Timbo of Boston's rating of the film Naked Opera

    A bittersweet film. I thought Marc was a wonderful portrait of a modern romantic, He's caught in a nebbishy body with an artist's soul and too much money, and that makes for a wonderful story. He is a genuinely sweet man blessed with both too much and too little and keeps his head in the stars. I'm not gay so there's little erotic appeal here, but are his dreams and fantasies so different form anyone's really?

  22. El Biffo's rating of the film Naked Opera

    Lonely licentious lucre libretto

  23. Michael Schmidt's rating of the film Naked Opera

    I was surprised how much I ended up caring about the central character, despite the fact that he is as different from me in sexuality, class, and coping mechanisms as possible. A skillful blending of art and reality. The penguin footage at the closing credits are an extra bonus.

  24. Dogville59's rating of the film Naked Opera

    I found the man uninteresting.

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