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  1. Photo of Luis César Amadori

    Luis César Amadori Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gabriel Pena

    Gabriel Pena Screenplay

  3. Photo of María Félix

    María Félix Cast

  4. Photo of Carlos Thompson

    Carlos Thompson Cast

  5. Photo of Eduardo Cuitiño

    Eduardo Cuitiño Cast

  6. Photo of Héctor Calcaño

    Héctor Calcaño Cast

  7. Photo of Diana Ingro

    Diana Ingro Cast

  8. Photo of Milagros de la Vega

    Milagros de la Vega Cast

  9. Photo of Diana Miriam Jones

    Diana Miriam Jones Cast

  10. Photo of Margarita Burke

    Margarita Burke Cast

  11. Photo of José Comellas

    José Comellas Cast

  12. Photo of Gloria Ferrandiz

    Gloria Ferrandiz Cast

  13. Photo of Daniel Tedeschi

    Daniel Tedeschi Cast

  14. Photo of Héctor Armendáriz

    Héctor Armendáriz Cast

  15. Photo of Mario Baroffio

    Mario Baroffio Cast

  16. Photo of Antonio Merayo

    Antonio Merayo Cinematography

  17. Photo of Julián Bautista

    Julián Bautista Music

  18. Photo of Álvaro Durañona y Vedia

    Álvaro Durañona y Vedia Production Design

  19. Photo of Jorge Gárate

    Jorge Gárate Editing

  20. Photo of Eduardo Lerchundi

    Eduardo Lerchundi Costume Design