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  1. Photo of Cirio H. Santiago

    Cirio H. Santiago Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Reilly Askew

    Reilly Askew Screenplay

  3. Photo of Deborah Tranelli

    Deborah Tranelli Cast

  4. Photo of Kaz Garas

    Kaz Garas Cast

  5. Photo of Carmen Argenziano

    Carmen Argenziano Cast

  6. Photo of Bill McLaughlin

    Bill McLaughlin Cast

  7. Photo of Ed Crick

    Ed Crick Cast

  8. Photo of George E. Mahlberg

    George E. Mahlberg Cast and Sound

  9. Photo of Nick Nicholson

    Nick Nicholson Cast

  10. Photo of Don Gordon Bell

    Don Gordon Bell Cast

  11. Photo of David Light

    David Light Cast

  12. Photo of Terrence O'Hara

    Terrence O'Hara Cast

  13. Photo of Joseph Zucchero

    Joseph Zucchero Cast

  14. Photo of Henry Strzalkowski

    Henry Strzalkowski Cast

  15. Photo of Ricardo Remias

    Ricardo Remias Cinematography

  16. Photo of Ron Jones

    Ron Jones Music

  17. Photo of Anthony Maharaj

    Anthony Maharaj Executive Producer and Story

  18. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Noah Blough

    Noah Blough Editing

  20. Photo of Pacífico Sánchez

    Pacífico Sánchez Editing

  21. Photo of Rudy Cabrales

    Rudy Cabrales Editing

  22. Photo of Paula Stein

    Paula Stein Editing

  23. Photo of Boyet Camaya

    Boyet Camaya Art Department

  24. Photo of Ronnie Cruz

    Ronnie Cruz Art Department

  25. Photo of Jessie Sto. Domingo

    Jessie Sto. Domingo Special Effects