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  1. Photo of T.W. Pittman

    T.W. Pittman Director, Screenplay, and Producer

  2. Photo of Kelly Daniela Norris

    Kelly Daniela Norris Director and Producer

  3. Photo of Isaac Adakudugu

    Isaac Adakudugu Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Jacob Ayanaba

    Jacob Ayanaba Cast

  5. Photo of Grace Ayariga

    Grace Ayariga Cast

  6. Photo of Justina Kulidu

    Justina Kulidu Cast

  7. Photo of Shetu Musah

    Shetu Musah Cast

  8. Photo of Abdul Aziz

    Abdul Aziz Cast

  9. Photo of Esther Issaka

    Esther Issaka Cast

  10. Photo of James Azure

    James Azure Cast

  11. Photo of Thomas Kulidu

    Thomas Kulidu Cast

  12. Photo of Monica Ayobi

    Monica Ayobi Cast

  13. Photo of Sumaila Issah

    Sumaila Issah Cast

  14. Photo of Dinah Assan

    Dinah Assan Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Geile

    Robert Geile Cinematography

  16. Photo of Daby Balde

    Daby Balde Music

  17. Photo of Giovanni Ximénez

    Giovanni Ximénez Producer

  18. Photo of Tomas Vengris

    Tomas Vengris Editing