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  1. Photo of Kelly Makin

    Kelly Makin Director

  2. Photo of Roger Kumble

    Roger Kumble Screenplay

  3. Photo of I. Marlene King

    I. Marlene King Screenplay

  4. Photo of Matt Frewer

    Matt Frewer Cast

  5. Photo of Valerie Mahaffey

    Valerie Mahaffey Cast

  6. Photo of Lawrence Dane

    Lawrence Dane Cast

  7. Photo of Tommy Chong

    Tommy Chong Cast

  8. Photo of Jeremy Renner

    Jeremy Renner Cast

  9. Photo of Rob Moore

    Rob Moore Cast

  10. Photo of Kevin McDonald

    Kevin McDonald Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Blake

    Michael Blake Cast

  12. Photo of Tara Strong

    Tara Strong Cast

  13. Photo of Nicole de Boer

    Nicole de Boer Cast

  14. Photo of Sergio Di Zio

    Sergio Di Zio Cast

  15. Photo of Fiona Loewi

    Fiona Loewi Cast

  16. Photo of Kathryn Rose

    Kathryn Rose Cast

  17. Photo of Danny Smith

    Danny Smith Cast

  18. Photo of Eric Edwards

    Eric Edwards Cast

  19. Photo of François Protat

    François Protat Cinematography and Editing

  20. Photo of Steve Bartek

    Steve Bartek Music

  21. Photo of Gregory P. Keen

    Gregory P. Keen Production Design

  22. Photo of Wendy Grean

    Wendy Grean Producer

  23. Photo of Peter Morgan

    Peter Morgan Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Michel Roy

    Michel Roy Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Neil Stearns

    Neil Stearns Executive Producer