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  1. Photo of Michio Kondô

    Michio Kondô Producer and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Hayao Miyazaki

    Hayao Miyazaki Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Hideshi Kyonen

    Hideshi Kyonen Cinematography

  4. Photo of Sumi Shimamoto

    Sumi Shimamoto Cast

  5. Photo of Mahito Tsujimura

    Mahito Tsujimura Cast

  6. Photo of Hisako Kyôda

    Hisako Kyôda Cast

  7. Photo of Gorô Naya

    Gorô Naya Cast

  8. Photo of Joe Hisaishi

    Joe Hisaishi Music

  9. Photo of Toru Hara

    Toru Hara Executive Producer and Producer

  10. Photo of Yasuyoshi Tokuma

    Yasuyoshi Tokuma Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Naoki Kaneko

    Naoki Kaneko Editing

  12. Photo of Tomoko Kida

    Tomoko Kida Editing

  13. Photo of Shôji Sakai

    Shôji Sakai Editing

  14. Photo of Randy Coppinger

    Randy Coppinger Sound

  15. Photo of Doc Kane

    Doc Kane Sound

  16. Photo of William Komar

    William Komar Sound

  17. Photo of Kazutoshi Satou

    Kazutoshi Satou Sound

  18. Photo of Shigeharu Shiba

    Shigeharu Shiba Sound

  19. Photo of Hideaki Anno

    Hideaki Anno Animation

  20. Photo of Kazuo Ebisawa

    Kazuo Ebisawa Animation

  21. Photo of Tadashi Fukuda

    Tadashi Fukuda Animation

  22. Photo of Yoshiyuki Hane

    Yoshiyuki Hane Animation

  23. Photo of Takanori Hayashi

    Takanori Hayashi Animation

  24. Photo of Junko Ikeda

    Junko Ikeda Animation

  25. Photo of Megumi Kagawa

    Megumi Kagawa Animation

  26. Photo of Yoshinori Kanada

    Yoshinori Kanada Animation

  27. Photo of Kazuhiro Kinoshita

    Kazuhiro Kinoshita Animation

  28. Photo of Kazuyuki Kobayashi

    Kazuyuki Kobayashi Animation

  29. Photo of Kazuo Komatsubara

    Kazuo Komatsubara Animation

  30. Photo of Kitaro Kosaka

    Kitaro Kosaka Animation

  31. Photo of Yôichi Kotabe

    Yôichi Kotabe Animation

  32. Photo of Osamu Nabeshima

    Osamu Nabeshima Animation

  33. Photo of Takashi Nakamura

    Takashi Nakamura Animation

  34. Photo of Kuniko Nishimura

    Kuniko Nishimura Animation

  35. Photo of Toshio Nozaki

    Toshio Nozaki Animation

  36. Photo of Hidekazu Ohara

    Hidekazu Ohara Animation

  37. Photo of Shunji Saida

    Shunji Saida Animation

  38. Photo of Noboru Takano

    Noboru Takano Animation

  39. Photo of Tsukasa Tannai

    Tsukasa Tannai Animation

  40. Photo of Shôji Tomiyama

    Shôji Tomiyama Animation

  41. Photo of Takashi Watanabe

    Takashi Watanabe Animation

  42. Photo of Michiyo Yasuda

    Michiyo Yasuda Animation

  43. Photo of Tadakatsu Yoshida

    Tadakatsu Yoshida Animation

  44. Photo of Masaki Yoshizaki

    Masaki Yoshizaki Animation