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  1. Warren Spratley's rating of the film Nazarín

    I fell in love w/ NAZARIN pretty much immediately. Buñuel never attempts to use saintliness to resolve the enigma of wickedness & sin. Rather, the director creates a startling &, at times, disturbing dialogue between these not entirely disparate elements. Sadism has its place, masochism has its place. We ponder the difficulty of willing selflessness into the fabric of reality. Yet NAZARIN never falls into defeatism.

  2. Lex Lucas's rating of the film Nazarín

    Being a "pure person" is going against society and how humans behave. Does that mean our genuine behavior is to be selfish and awful toward others ? Can we change that ? Hmm. It seems more that a pure person is an anomaly and is likely going to change side. Why is that ? This movie is a deep dive and introspect in human nature, and questions God.

  3. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Nazarín

    When I die and go to heaven, after I pass over the threshold and catch up with all the souls from life - who will I see but Bunuel, sipping a dry martini and arguing passionately with Michael over some arbitrary theological definition of the Eucharist. I'll introduce myself, we'll talk about his art. Then he'll take me aside, out of earshot of the saints, and whisper earnestly, "How the f*cking hell did I get here?"

  4. Beatriz Magro's rating of the film Nazarín

  5. etilen's rating of the film Nazarín

    Night carries yesterday's sorrow and the hope and joy of a new day. That's what death is like. Joyous and sorrowful. Joyous because it frees us of life's chains. And sorrowful because we love our flesh and it hurts us to leave it.

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Nazarín

    Solide film athée dans la tradition dénonciatrice de Bunuel qui fustige les croyances d'un au-delà chrétien rédempteur empêchant l'homme de vivre pleinement sa dignité et sa misère. Pour le réalisateur, l'espoir n'est pas derrière une quelconque probabilité salvatrice, mais dans un quotidien affirmé, assumé...

  7. Loud Rocks's rating of the film Nazarín

  8. Log Lady's rating of the film Nazarín

    Not my favorite Buñuel, but Rabal's extraordinary performance and the idea of a Christ-like figure wandering the Earth without finding acceptance or forgiveness make this worth the watch.

  9. lamouchequilouche's rating of the film Nazarín

    The first of Buñuel (unofficial) religious trilogy and one of the last films of the director's Mexican period, Nazarín is a deceivingly simple film about faith and doubt, charity and superficiality. The ending is brilliant.

  10. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Nazarín

    Bunuel's relation with religion was, shall we say, strained. Yet this most humane of his films could have come from the soul of Bresson, even if Bresson wouldn't have let you laugh as much. So maybe the right word isn't strained but complex. The message is that for all the Christian dogma, if a Christlike figure stumbled onto the scene today, he'd be crucified all over again. A message as Holy as it is Blasphemous.

  11. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Nazarín

    Nazarín como referente mesiánico, uno que parece estar destinado a la frustración. El personaje de Buñuel es sacrificado. Su aura es cálida y su padecimiento conmueve. Él camina entre las injusticias, entre un carnaval de rostros, no abriéndose paso, sino fraternizando con ellos, ejerciendo la prédica. La respuesta siempre es hostil. "Nazarín" es una historia sobre un hombre a contracorriente, uno que será maniatado.

  12. Kamran's rating of the film Nazarín

    Excellent camerawork to simultaneously convey origin and exile. Highly symbolic with religious themes as present today as they were then. Bunuel's humble priest and simplicity of image express grace and acceptance. 84/100 - Great.

  13. TFCHooligan69's rating of the film Nazarín

    This beautiful, moving and thought provoking Mexican film, directed by the great Luis Bunuel, has led me to one conclusion - I need more of his works in my film-obsessed life. Impressive lead performance from Francisco Rabal.

  14. Ramón Herrera's rating of the film Nazarín

    A film that deals with the origins of religion, it's misinterpretation of the logical views of a decent man and its further condemnation. Buñuel creates through Rabal a character, so rooted in its ideals, that he is unable to coexist in the real world, a world filled with men whose actions don't reflect their preachings and are unwilling to listen to reason.

  15. luckipucki's rating of the film Nazarín

    Great movie. Much better when you really get the movie. Bunuel is the best.

  16. Joe Morton's rating of the film Nazarín

    Dali was right to say that Bunuel was a COMMUNIST!!!! This move testifies to that. Bunuel was also a masochistic nut. He seems to think he is doing service to God with this movie, which may be an accurate depiction of spiritual suffering and spiritual confusion. But accuracy from a surrealist is... SURREALISTIC!!!! And religious insight from an atheist is also, A MESS!!! Bunuel: "I think God I am an Atheist!"

  17. Colton Bose's rating of the film Nazarín

    This film is quite possibly Buñuel's finest hour. His mise-en-scene is absolutely outstanding, his scenario is simply brilliant, and Francisco Rabal turns in one of the greatest performances of all time. A vastly under-seen, vastly underrated masterpiece, to be sure.

  18. Pierluigi Puccini's rating of the film Nazarín

    Only Buñuel's boundless brilliance and cynicism could achieve this thought-provoking and sad statement of what happens inside nearly all religious groups, only very few practice what they preach.