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  1. Balthaz21's rating of the film Neds

  2. andrew's rating of the film Neds

    Violent and horrible to watch at times, but without glorifying the violence. Gets across the social malaise of 1970s Britain/ Scotland

  3. Mert Yazıcı's rating of the film Neds

    Harika bir yapım değildi, vakit kaybı mı tartışılır. Beni çok yakalayamadı. Düşük bütçesine göre sağlam bir yapıt

  4. Makinist Klitorist's rating of the film Neds

    İkinci kez izlemiş oldum. "Evladınıza siz sahip çıkamazsanız, başkası sahip çıkar" konulu bir film değil. Anne ve --sanırım-- teyze gayet de ilgili. Çocuk da başlarda iyi gidiyordu; ama, sorun daha çok çevre, aile içi ilişkiler ve sistem ile ilgili. Abartmadan, akıcı ve güzel bir şekilde hikayeyi aktarmış yönetmen. 2 günü kalmış. Seyredin, derim.

  5. narcekirdegi's rating of the film Neds

    too long for the story; would has been shorter. apart from the last scene, its still "watchable". following the impulses in a freudian way, not being able to kill "father", the hysteria of the mother, explosion of libido, protecting the child-especially the girl; in just a second, the pureness of a woman- on the second of the black hole. whats the black hole, we know; why the aunt came, no.

  6. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Neds

  7. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film Neds

    we can easily understand with this film troubled families , troubled environment , troubled teachers effect antisocial personality disorder ... the story is going back and forth between reality and trimmings . There are good cinematography , good actings . just not engaging enough...

  8. Joseph Merriman's rating of the film Neds

    I'm not sure quite what this film was trying to be, but it really didn't work for me. Perhaps if the protagonists were more realistic, grittier perhaps, the film would have developed a little more integrity, but even then the pace was horrific. Hard to warm to any of the characters, harder to watch. Pish.

  9. raggiodisole's rating of the film Neds

    an unvarnished account of growing up in 20th century Scotland. Particular highlights are the performances from just about everybody. A clear line can be traced between the casual adolescent violence and the father figures that either prowl menacingly among them or are entirely absent

  10. Ursula Bree's rating of the film Neds

    One of those stabs straight into my heart. Supreme acting, supreme screenplay. Supreme.

  11. Superfrog's rating of the film Neds

    A brilliantly built script, with dialogues, cultural cues conceptual fears and situations that will be utterly impossible to understand for those without knowledge of the settings. Decent camerawork with brilliant touches here and there somewhat secondary because of the strong script, it does not get in the way. The slightly laboured last movement is also perfectly excusable, finishing this story must have been hard.

  12. Real_Stephanie's rating of the film Neds

    A compelling story of stolen opportunities and unbounded anger. Well acted, though with a finale of grandstanding confrontations that were overly dramatic and lacked true poignancy.

  13. Jonathan Smith's rating of the film Neds

    A bold homage to Alan Clarke's very British films that focused on hooligans, violent subcultures & societal issues. NEDS has the alluring mix of a killer soundtrack, subculture fashions & 70s realism. The story builds impressively as a tale of delinquency before lapsing into the absurd, culminating in a heavy handed final. It's not the most moving or involving film but the intensity & period detail stands out.

  14. JOHN ATHERTON's rating of the film Neds

    Depressing but a good film, like the way walking into lions represents courage needed to move away from peer pressure (if that's what was intended). Wonder if any easier today, increased legal and technological control we are lumbered with, maybe makes it even more difficult to rejoin "normal" society.

  15. Zsofia Szonyi's rating of the film Neds

    This movie would really need subtitles. Is there an option here by the way to switch on and off subtitles?

  16. Phil's rating of the film Neds

    started out depressing, lost that a bit for me, as the cartoonish colours filled in the gaps, some gripping bits and nice period sketches - as a character, the central dude never really makes sense. Where was the football? says my scottish girlfriend.

  17. chazell's rating of the film Neds

  18. Paul Relf's rating of the film Neds

    The hallucinating stabbing Christ after sniffing glue was good and the ending was surprising and poignant. The rest pretty average and memorable.

  19. El Papi's rating of the film Neds

  20. Giles J Davis's rating of the film Neds

    A comparison to 400 Blows is sacrilege yet a comparison to British 80s exploitation cinema such as Scum is more fitting. Mullen does what every Glaswegian who makes it alive does & half glorifies, half demonises the city here. NEDS fits a plethora of beige, uninteresting, nostalgic British 'YOOF' culture films from the end of the last decade. Violence ensures throughout mindlessly but the final scene is golden. C-

  21. Debbie Sheringham's rating of the film Neds

  22. No Buff's rating of the film Neds

    trainspotting was an interesting and entertaining study of an underclass. This isn't.

  23. dwight.holly's rating of the film Neds

    I grew up in a similar environment in Britain and this film captures the pervasive nihilism, terror and (yes) glee one felt within the school system and outside where brutality was common. Particularly accurate were the chasing scenes and banter with the 'duffers' during break. This film made me remember those times and feel anew. It is a profound experience to see your under-represented teenage milieu on-screen.

  24. anwoody's rating of the film Neds

    Needs subtitles. If these are supposed to be school kids the cast are too old. Interesting and weird film

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