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  1. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Neighbors

    A fun little Keaton that is over before you even realize.

  2. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Neighbors

    Buster Keaton wants the daughter of a neighbor family but he is poor so he has to kidnap her. Uncontrollable pants falling down and dangerous stunts is still VERY fun today as I laughed many times through this one. The unpolitical correct gag where Keaton gets black paint in his face is probably not THAT fun anymore in these political correct times.

  3. MistaRichard's rating of the film Neighbors

    Funnier version of Romeo and Juliet in less than 20 minutes. Buster knew what he was doing.

  4. bagno's rating of the film Neighbors

  5. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Neighbors

  6. HSBilly's rating of the film Neighbors

  7. Alexandru Acsinte's rating of the film Neighbors

    After finding out that Keaton and his crew didn't use scripts for their films and that improvisation was was one of the main forms of inspiration, these gags start to appear even more fascinating. In this short, Keaton's stunts are the main attraction and it's really interesting to watch him use his abilities and imagination to find as many gags as possibly in a relatively simple little story. Still, not the greatest

  8. El Biffo's rating of the film Neighbors

    Classic Keaton. I really like this version with a live accompaniment:

  9. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Neighbors

    Not a top notch Keaton short as it drags a little at times, but it has lots of good stunt work and a pointed black-face gag about race and the police (unfortunately contrasted with a possibly racist ghost gag, though Keaton might have done the same gag with a white or Asian family and just happened to do it with a black family - hard to know).

  10. Log Lady's rating of the film Neighbors

    Funny (the acrobatic stunt at the end looked seriously dangerous) but a bit bland and straightforward compared to Keaton's other films.

  11. Ally the Manic Listmaker's rating of the film Neighbors

  12. agostinellips's rating of the film Neighbors

    You canĀ“t go wrong with Buster Keaton. This guy is freaking genius!

  13. Lorena M.'s rating of the film Neighbors

    I've never laughed so much at a silent film, definitely my favorite by Keaton!!

  14. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Neighbors

    Farcical short about a young couple in love whose forbidden love starts off a war between their neighboring families. One of Buster Keaton's more sophisticated comedies, NEIGHBORS relies less on elaborate set pieces and more on clever visual gags and Keaton's impeccable sense of pace and comedic timing. The acrobatics at the end, featuring "The Flying Escalantes," are especially impressive.

  15. AKFilmFan's rating of the film Neighbors

    Wall-to-wall action, chases, and pure slapstick. Simple and fun showcase of Keaton's athleticism.