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  1. Photo of Bent Christensen

    Bent Christensen Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Leif Panduro

    Leif Panduro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ebbe Rode

    Ebbe Rode Cast

  4. Photo of Hanne Borchsenius

    Hanne Borchsenius Cast

  5. Photo of John Price

    John Price Cast

  6. Photo of Grethe Sønck

    Grethe Sønck Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Steen

    Peter Steen Cast

  8. Photo of Elsebeth Reingaard

    Elsebeth Reingaard Cast

  9. Photo of Jesper Langberg

    Jesper Langberg Cast

  10. Photo of Tine Schmedes

    Tine Schmedes Cast

  11. Photo of Pouel Kern

    Pouel Kern Cast

  12. Photo of Henry Lohmann

    Henry Lohmann Cast

  13. Photo of Ingrid Langballe

    Ingrid Langballe Cast

  14. Photo of Karl Stegger

    Karl Stegger Cast

  15. Photo of Svend Bille

    Svend Bille Cast

  16. Photo of Stanley Robbson

    Stanley Robbson Cast

  17. Photo of Henning Bendtsen

    Henning Bendtsen Cinematography

  18. Photo of Søren Christensen

    Søren Christensen Music

  19. Photo of Hans Dal

    Hans Dal Music

  20. Photo of Kim Marott

    Kim Marott Music

  21. Photo of Mogens Gylling-Hansen

    Mogens Gylling-Hansen Production Design

  22. Photo of Sven Grønlykke

    Sven Grønlykke Producer

  23. Photo of Lars Brydesen

    Lars Brydesen Editing

  24. Photo of Annelise Schyberg

    Annelise Schyberg Costume Design