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  1. msmichel's rating of the film Neil Young: Heart of Gold

    Often moving and poignant concert film showcasing Young's debut of the "Prairie Wind" project at the Ryman Theatre in Nashville in 2005. The first half the new record the second in some acoustic greatest hits. One feels the relationships on stage, the history and is often given little hints about what inspired the songs. Demme has had a long history with Young at this point and has since made another concert film.

  2. captain's rating of the film Neil Young: Heart of Gold

    I really need to revisit this. I bought and watched it when it came out (2006), but it just left me cold and wanting. But I am double, if not triple the Neil Young fan now I was then, so perhaps being more familiar with his many different styles/moods/incarnations, I would appreciate this film more today. Now I just need to go digging at the bottom of my box of old DVDs........... ;)