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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Neil Young Journeys

    ***1/2. A movie about an intimate Neil Young according to Jonathan Demme, a movie about my guitar according to Neil Young. True that the journey throughout Young's hometown and the Canadian countryside is rather tedious so let's enjoy the concerts. Neil Young is alone on stage but if you close your eyes, you could swear that Crazy Horse is right behind him. Strongly recommended.

  2. Andrew Meehan's rating of the film Neil Young Journeys

    I like Neil Young's tunes, but this was fucking awful.

  3. Sean's rating of the film Neil Young Journeys

    Not as good as Heart Of Gold but still is awesome to see Neil Young perform live by himself. I really enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff, Neil visiting his hometown of Omemee, Ontario. I kind of wish there was more of that in the film as it just seemed to drag, even the concert footage seemed lacking. Disappointed.

  4. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Neil Young Journeys

    Jonathan Demme pays tribute to legendary singer Neil Young in this extraordinarily intimate portrait, following Young on tour as he drives from venue to venue. Up close and personal (so close Young even gets spit on the camera), NEIL YOUNG JOURNEYS may not be particularly illuminating, but it's an unfettered backstage fans that will certainly please Young's ardent fans.

  5. fakebook (Tom)'s rating of the film Neil Young Journeys

    Do I love Neil Young? More than you know. But this movie was terrible. And when Jonathan Demme started using a split screen, "Journeys" felt like the worst movie of all time. Skip this and see "Neil Young Trunk Show" instead.