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  1. Photo of Fred Burnley

    Fred Burnley Director

  2. Photo of Gordon Honeycombe

    Gordon Honeycombe Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rosemary Davies

    Rosemary Davies Screenplay

  4. Photo of Peter Fetterman

    Peter Fetterman Producer

  5. Photo of Jack Smith

    Jack Smith Producer

  6. Photo of Tony Tenser

    Tony Tenser Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Peter J. Thompson

    Peter J. Thompson Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Nachum Heiman

    Nachum Heiman Music

  9. Photo of Lawrence Ashmore

    Lawrence Ashmore Music

  10. Photo of David Muir

    David Muir Cinematography

  11. Photo of Norman Wanstall

    Norman Wanstall Editing

  12. Photo of Ron Barron

    Ron Barron Sound

  13. Photo of Mike Le Mare

    Mike Le Mare Sound

  14. Photo of Maurice Askew

    Maurice Askew Sound

  15. Photo of Lionel Strutt

    Lionel Strutt Sound

  16. Photo of Susan Hampshire

    Susan Hampshire Cast

  17. Photo of Frank Finlay

    Frank Finlay Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Petrovitch

    Michael Petrovitch Cast

  19. Photo of Michael Craze

    Michael Craze Cast

  20. Photo of Jack Lambert

    Jack Lambert Cast

  21. Photo of Betty Duncan

    Betty Duncan Cast

  22. Photo of David Garth

    David Garth Cast

  23. Photo of Anthony Booth

    Anthony Booth Cast

  24. Photo of Marcia Fox

    Marcia Fox Cast