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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Nemesis

    what it lacks in Blade Runner's wit, budget and general competence it makes up for with explosions and an almost exponential increase in silly European accents

  2. Sean's rating of the film Nemesis

    Early 90's B grade action sci fi film, that has its moments. It's full of one liners, tons of explosions and lots of crazy gun fights. Even back then they were stealing ideas from other films but here I can see movies like The Matrix pay homage to it with how the robots look. Heck, there's even a claymation sequence, I guess they couldn't pull the scene off so they had to do it that way. It's a fun film, nothing more

  3. VHS DREAM's rating of the film Nemesis

    Incredible "shoot'em up" masterpiece.