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  1. Photo of Yuri Mamin

    Yuri Mamin Director and Music

  2. Photo of Yuri Afanasyev

    Yuri Afanasyev Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Natalya Shilok

    Natalya Shilok Director

  4. Photo of Vladimir Vardunas

    Vladimir Vardunas Screenplay

  5. Photo of Igor Ageev

    Igor Ageev Screenplay

  6. Photo of Nikolay Studnev

    Nikolay Studnev Screenplay

  7. Photo of Mikhail Vorfolomeyev

    Mikhail Vorfolomeyev Screenplay

  8. Photo of Viktor Mikhaylov

    Viktor Mikhaylov Cast

  9. Photo of Violetta Zhukhimovich

    Violetta Zhukhimovich Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Kurlyandchik

    Robert Kurlyandchik Cast

  11. Photo of Yakov Stepanov

    Yakov Stepanov Cast

  12. Photo of Lyudmila Arinina

    Lyudmila Arinina Cast

  13. Photo of Elena Kapitsa

    Elena Kapitsa Cast

  14. Photo of Vladimir Eryomin

    Vladimir Eryomin Cast

  15. Photo of Elena Kondulaynen

    Elena Kondulaynen Cast

  16. Photo of Ernst Romanov

    Ernst Romanov Cast

  17. Photo of Viktor Ilichyov

    Viktor Ilichyov Cast

  18. Photo of Borislav Brondukov

    Borislav Brondukov Cast

  19. Photo of Tatyana Ivanova

    Tatyana Ivanova Cast

  20. Photo of Mikhail Petrov

    Mikhail Petrov Cast

  21. Photo of Anatoliy Terpitskiy

    Anatoliy Terpitskiy Cast

  22. Photo of Vyacheslav Leykin

    Vyacheslav Leykin Cast

  23. Photo of Vladimir Studennikov

    Vladimir Studennikov Cast

  24. Photo of Vladimir Brylyakov

    Vladimir Brylyakov Cinematography

  25. Photo of Anatoli Lapshov

    Anatoli Lapshov Cinematography

  26. Photo of Konstantin Remishevsky

    Konstantin Remishevsky Cinematography

  27. Photo of Viktor Kisin

    Viktor Kisin Music

  28. Photo of Vladimir Gavrikov

    Vladimir Gavrikov Production Design

  29. Photo of Mikhail Gerasimov

    Mikhail Gerasimov Production Design

  30. Photo of Georgi Kropachyov

    Georgi Kropachyov Production Design

  31. Photo of Olga Andrianova

    Olga Andrianova Editing

  32. Photo of Avy Schneidman

    Avy Schneidman Editing