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  1. Photo of Giancarlo Soldi

    Giancarlo Soldi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Claudio Argento

    Claudio Argento Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Giovanna Romagnoli

    Giovanna Romagnoli Producer

  4. Photo of Tiziano Sclavi

    Tiziano Sclavi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Luca Bigazzi

    Luca Bigazzi Cinematography

  6. Photo of Chiara Caselli

    Chiara Caselli Cast

  7. Photo of Sergio Castellitto

    Sergio Castellitto Cast

  8. Photo of Luis Molteni

    Luis Molteni Cast

  9. Photo of Hugo Pratt

    Hugo Pratt Cast

  10. Photo of Luigi Rosatelli

    Luigi Rosatelli Cast

  11. Photo of Carlo Colnaghi

    Carlo Colnaghi Cast

  12. Photo of Alioscia Bisceglia

    Alioscia Bisceglia Cast

  13. Photo of Osvaldo Salvi

    Osvaldo Salvi Cast

  14. Photo of Mauro Bonanni

    Mauro Bonanni Editing

  15. Photo of Mauro Radaelli

    Mauro Radaelli Production Design

  16. Photo of Paola Artioli

    Paola Artioli Costume Design