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  1. Photo of Aurelio Grimaldi

    Aurelio Grimaldi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marco Cavicchioli

    Marco Cavicchioli Cast

  3. Photo of Lucia Sardo

    Lucia Sardo Cast

  4. Photo of Vincenzo Crivello

    Vincenzo Crivello Cast

  5. Photo of Piera Degli Esposti

    Piera Degli Esposti Cast

  6. Photo of Franco Mirabella

    Franco Mirabella Cast

  7. Photo of Mauro Lenares

    Mauro Lenares Cast

  8. Photo of Salvatore Lazzaro

    Salvatore Lazzaro Cast

  9. Photo of Antonietta Carbonetti

    Antonietta Carbonetti Cast

  10. Photo of Saro Miano

    Saro Miano Cast

  11. Photo of Maurizio Calvesi

    Maurizio Calvesi Cinematography

  12. Photo of Mario Soldatini

    Mario Soldatini Music

  13. Photo of Manuel Giliberti

    Manuel Giliberti Production Design

  14. Photo of Leonardo Giuliano

    Leonardo Giuliano Producer

  15. Photo of Caterina Nardi

    Caterina Nardi Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Mauro Bonanni

    Mauro Bonanni Editing

  17. Photo of Giancarlo Laurenzi

    Giancarlo Laurenzi Sound

  18. Photo of Ettore Mancini

    Ettore Mancini Sound