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  1. Daniel's rating of the film Neruda

    A fascinating glimpse of Nobel prize laureate Neruda, one of South America’s most important cultural figures of the 20th century. This film is a brilliant reconstruction of the events that led to his exile from Chile and perfectly blends intimate detail of his private life with the tapestry of a tumultuous political backdrop. It also creates a beautiful and playful cat and mouse chase by his very own Nemesis.

  2. SiIencio's rating of the film Neruda

    More caricaturesque than sober, less noir than hide and seek, Larraín's Neruda does no go places but simply entertains a vision that is more entertaining than biographical. The poet's lyricism feels at odds with the lightness of the play and the confusing journey ends without offering much resolution.

  3.'s rating of the film Neruda

  4. DPach's rating of the film Neruda

    Brilliantly directed by Larraín.

  5. Jegsy's rating of the film Neruda

    Unusual, arch meta-noir-biopic that comes across as televisual and stagey. it became a tad too knowing and stylized (so much lens flare), dropping into soap opera farce at times. All these aesthetic considerations detract from any sense of character building, which makes it all rather thin and lacking in drive, but saves it from the usual tropes of fawning deification of its subject.

  6. mubianer's rating of the film Neruda

    3+. We meet Neruda in a chase film, a good break from the usual biopics, with short appearances by Picasso and Pinochet. I didn't like the cinematography really, it worked better in "No", which is a superior film I think. DCP

  7. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Neruda

    It's another good film from Pablo Larrain, if not up there with his very best. The script is decent, the lead performances are very good, and the whole thing feels like a very brief look in on the life of the main character, as opposed to a detailed overview of all of his achievements.

  8. Matt Richards's rating of the film Neruda

    I really wanted to like this but I just found it flat and aimless. I loved the experimental inter-cut scene where the characters were having one conversation across different spaces which felt bold but other than that I was left cold by the end. 3 stars

  9. Al Green's rating of the film Neruda

    A poetic, metaphysical film noire. Probably the best biopic of any author I've seen but goes way beyond a portrayal of an author and his work. It speaks of a country going through turmoil and gives voice to it's people via the policeman charged with capturing a man he comes to admire and who is given a voice by Neruda. Beautiful acting, immaculate camerawork and direction. A masterpiece of filmmaking.

  10. Superfrog's rating of the film Neruda

    It works. The meta work on having the policeman discuss his role is pretty decent if ultimately feeling didactic and pretentious. The pleasure of Neruda going around is doing what he does is enough to sustain the film.

  11. João Ricardo's rating of the film Neruda

    3.8// ++ poesia, retrato da essência do poeta, cenários belíssimos do Chile - efeito especial de luminosidade exagerado em certas cenas; painel de fundo emcenas com carros outdated

  12. Alex Mitici's rating of the film Neruda

  13. mootz15's rating of the film Neruda

    An apt and not entirely uncritical telling of Neruda's flight into exile with elements of a slightly hackneyed magical realism. The movie's faults however are ultimately what save it from mediocrity; it is a bit heavyhanded and a bit pretentious and a bit too heartfelt and therefore impressively true to its namesake.

  14. chi.claud's rating of the film Neruda

  15. Danielleo's rating of the film Neruda

  16. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Neruda

    It's not just about Neruda. It's a biography of a country that was raped, violated, experimented on by the Yankees (the first Neoliberal "experiment"). Augusto Pinochet, the invisible "protagonist" of Larrain's masterpiece Post Mortem, appears here briefly in an uncanny cameo. He is in charge of a concentration camp for Communists. He will soon turn the entire country into a concentration camp. God bless America.

  17. Christina Themeli's rating of the film Neruda

  18. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Neruda

  19. Pill Yun's rating of the film Neruda

    If want to play with fictionality, don't be verbose please.

  20. Renton47's rating of the film Neruda

    Larrain is a consummate stylist, and then he keeps going. At once I am both moved and appalled by his technique, the beautiful image rendered in a hurdy gurdy. But it also suits the literary ends on display, a construct of national myth, a biopic with a poet's embellishment. It's still Larrain though so Chile's hero film is as much about the villain, in its way about how both necessitate the other & national identity

  21. hubertguillaud's rating of the film Neruda

    Bel exercice de style, lyrique, excentrique et littéraire, servi par un formidable acteur - Luis Gnecco -, une magnifique photographie... qui dresse du poète et de sa traque un récit légendaire. plus poétique que politique. Décalé, à la hauteur de Neruda, assurément.

  22. Duque's rating of the film Neruda

    Hay algo en todas las películas de Larraín que no me cuadra.

  23. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Neruda

    2.5 stars. Clearly a finely made film, but the combination of elliptical editing, interposed narration and very wide-angle photography made me feel queasy in the same way that handheld shaky-cam seems to make others feel. Sort of like if 'Adaptation' were a meditation on national identity. Perversely Borgesian considering political antipathy. I liked that it seemed to mine pathos for bathos. A curious, loping thing.

  24. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Neruda

    “Neruda” is a fascinating piece of cinema, an elegiac and exhilarating chant of refined artistry that reaches the sky not only through the faultless performances by Gnecco and Bernal, but also through an engrossing direction. (4.5 stars)

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