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  1. Photo of Alberto Isaac

    Alberto Isaac Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Juan Rulfo

    Juan Rulfo Story

  3. Photo of Emilio Fernández

    Emilio Fernández Cast

  4. Photo of Alfonso Arau

    Alfonso Arau Cast

  5. Photo of Rosalba Brambila

    Rosalba Brambila Cast

  6. Photo of Carmen Salinas

    Carmen Salinas Cast

  7. Photo of Lilia Prado

    Lilia Prado Cast

  8. Photo of Pancho Córdova

    Pancho Córdova Cast

  9. Photo of Héctor Ortega

    Héctor Ortega Cast

  10. Photo of Marcela López Rey

    Marcela López Rey Cast

  11. Photo of Dolores Beristain

    Dolores Beristain Cast

  12. Photo of Lina Montes

    Lina Montes Cast

  13. Photo of Patricio Castillo

    Patricio Castillo Cast

  14. Photo of María Barber

    María Barber Cast

  15. Photo of Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez Cinematography

  16. Photo of Raúl Martínez Solares

    Raúl Martínez Solares Cinematography

  17. Photo of Joaquín Gutiérrez Heras

    Joaquín Gutiérrez Heras Music

  18. Photo of Angélica Ortiz

    Angélica Ortiz Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Carlos Savage

    Carlos Savage Editing