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  1. Photo of Robert Thalheim

    Robert Thalheim Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Matthias Miegel

    Matthias Miegel Producer

  3. Photo of Uta Eberhardt

    Uta Eberhardt Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Renate Rümmler

    Renate Rümmler Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Yoliswa Gärtig

    Yoliswa Gärtig Cinematography

  6. Photo of Stefan Kobe

    Stefan Kobe Editing

  7. Photo of Michal Galinski

    Michal Galinski Production Design and Cast

  8. Photo of Katrin Muller

    Katrin Muller Production Design

  9. Photo of Anton Feist

    Anton Feist Sound

  10. Photo of Milan Peschel

    Milan Peschel Cast

  11. Photo of Sebastian Butz

    Sebastian Butz Cast

  12. Photo of Stephanie Charlotta Koetz

    Stephanie Charlotta Koetz Cast

  13. Photo of Christina Große

    Christina Große Cast

  14. Photo of Bernd Lambrecht

    Bernd Lambrecht Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Tschernig

    Peter Tschernig Cast and Music

  16. Photo of Christian Kuchenbuch

    Christian Kuchenbuch Cast

  17. Photo of Stefan Kowalski

    Stefan Kowalski Cast

  18. Photo of Kirsten Schlüter

    Kirsten Schlüter Cast

  19. Photo of Mistah Bomsh

    Mistah Bomsh Cast

  20. Photo of Kim Ngoc Le

    Kim Ngoc Le Cast

  21. Photo of Stefanie Knoth

    Stefanie Knoth Cast