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  1. Photo of Giacomo Campiotti

    Giacomo Campiotti Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Aleksandr Adabashyan

    Aleksandr Adabashyan Screenplay

  3. Photo of Natalia Piatti

    Natalia Piatti Cast

  4. Photo of Marco Velluti

    Marco Velluti Cast

  5. Photo of Federico Battilocchio

    Federico Battilocchio Cast

  6. Photo of Laura Chiatti

    Laura Chiatti Cast

  7. Photo of Lidia Broccolino

    Lidia Broccolino Cast

  8. Photo of Marco Velluti Marco Casu

    Marco Velluti Marco Casu Cast

  9. Photo of Francesco Salvi

    Francesco Salvi Cast

  10. Photo of Lunetta Savino

    Lunetta Savino Cast

  11. Photo of Paolo De Vita

    Paolo De Vita Cast

  12. Photo of Giselda Volodi

    Giselda Volodi Cast

  13. Photo of Nicola 'Max' Cipolla

    Nicola 'Max' Cipolla Cast

  14. Photo of Emanuela Grimalda

    Emanuela Grimalda Cast

  15. Photo of Pino Quartullo

    Pino Quartullo Cast

  16. Photo of Mariella Valentini

    Mariella Valentini Cast

  17. Photo of Marco Gambino

    Marco Gambino Cast

  18. Photo of Fabio Sartor

    Fabio Sartor Cast

  19. Photo of Duccio Cimatti

    Duccio Cimatti Cinematography

  20. Photo of Corrado carosio

    Corrado carosio Music

  21. Photo of Pierangelo Fornaro

    Pierangelo Fornaro Music

  22. Photo of Peter Kaser

    Peter Kaser Production Design

  23. Photo of Alessandro Vannucci

    Alessandro Vannucci Production Design

  24. Photo of Fabio Nunziata

    Fabio Nunziata Editing

  25. Photo of Joe Walker

    Joe Walker Editing

  26. Photo of Alexandra Toesca

    Alexandra Toesca Costume Design