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  1. Photo of Viktor Titov

    Viktor Titov Director

  2. Photo of Roman Furman

    Roman Furman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Evgeniya Glushenko

    Evgeniya Glushenko Cast

  4. Photo of Lev Durov

    Lev Durov Cast

  5. Photo of Leonid Markov

    Leonid Markov Cast

  6. Photo of Yevgeni Morgunov

    Yevgeni Morgunov Cast

  7. Photo of Aleksey Kozhevnikov

    Aleksey Kozhevnikov Cast

  8. Photo of Igor Bezyayev

    Igor Bezyayev Cast

  9. Photo of Valentin Golubenko

    Valentin Golubenko Cast

  10. Photo of Mikhail Danilov

    Mikhail Danilov Cast

  11. Photo of Ilya Rutberg

    Ilya Rutberg Cast

  12. Photo of Vladimir Basov

    Vladimir Basov Cast

  13. Photo of Antonina Dmitriyeva

    Antonina Dmitriyeva Cast

  14. Photo of Natalya Varley

    Natalya Varley Cast

  15. Photo of Aleksandr Demyanenko

    Aleksandr Demyanenko Cast

  16. Photo of Yuri Skhirtladze

    Yuri Skhirtladze Cinematography

  17. Photo of Vladimir Davydenko

    Vladimir Davydenko Music

  18. Photo of Pyotr Prorokov

    Pyotr Prorokov Production Design