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  1. Photo of Tony Rayns

    Tony Rayns Director, Screenplay, and Narrator

  2. Photo of Chen Kaige

    Chen Kaige Self

  3. Photo of Zhang Yimou

    Zhang Yimou Self

  4. Photo of Zhang Zeming

    Zhang Zeming Self

  5. Photo of Hu Mei

    Hu Mei Self

  6. Photo of Wu Tianming

    Wu Tianming Self

  7. Photo of Tian Zhuangzhuang

    Tian Zhuangzhuang Self

  8. Photo of Huang Jianxin

    Huang Jianxin Self

  9. Photo of Zhang Jianya

    Zhang Jianya Self

  10. Photo of Wu Yigong

    Wu Yigong Self

  11. Photo of Huang Jianzhong

    Huang Jianzhong Self

  12. Photo of Zheng Dongtian

    Zheng Dongtian Self

  13. Photo of Ling Zifeng

    Ling Zifeng Self