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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film New World

    Immediately you get bombarded with stunning visuals, yet the plot develops quite slowly. Despite its low pace however, it manages to keep the intrigue alive throughout its somewhat lengthy run time. If you're into crime thrillers definitely check this one out, even though you will quickly recognize some of the oldest genre mechanics.

  2. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film New World

    Ennesima strepitosa conferma del poliziesco coreano.Una vicenda classica per il genere(scontro per il controllo criminale,tradimenti,moralità) in cui però Jung sceglie di non puntare troppo sulla violenza quanto sulla caratterizzazione dei protagonisti,tra cui Choi Min-Sik svetta alla grande.Pochissimi virtuosismi tecnici,un'eleganza sopraffina ed una chiusura in grande stile:il classico filmone. 4*

  3. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film New World

    Splendido thriller poliziesco con un cast eccezionale, una fotografia splendida e una storia densissima. Da lodare tutte le interpretazioni degli attori che riescono a restituire a questi personaggi tanto sfaccettati una fisicità unica. Tra tutti spicca ovviamente il grande Choi Min-sik, Mr.Oldboy, un attore incredibile. Le scene d'azione poi sono da pelle d'oca: menzione d'onore per la sequenza nell'ascensore.

  4. Arm1tage's rating of the film New World

    Gangster films are all alike, and yet Asian cinema seems to have brought back some of the romanticism Hollywood no longer has. A distinctly Asian moral ambiguity permeates the film, all sides being both villainous and heroic in their own way - a rigid acceptance of the notion that in society, everyone has their role to play, down to the (bittersweet) end.

  5. Vinod Narayan's rating of the film New World

    This was my intro into Korean crime movie and I loved it. A bit too violent for me, but I liked the pace. The story of undercover cops, new age gangs and the whole steam that follows finding moles not knowing who is loyal and who is not. The quest for power, For crime movie lovers… this is a perfect selection….

  6. Makz86's rating of the film New World

    fantastic gangster movie!

  7. Thomas Emil Lie Karlsen's rating of the film New World

    The best crime syndicate movie in a long time, only trumped by the classic Infernal Affairs. A must watch for fans of the genre.

  8. Surajit Banerjee's rating of the film New World

  9. msmichel's rating of the film New World

    Though somewhat derivative of 'The Godfather' and 'Infernal Affairs' this is the dramatic action film from South Korea we've been waiting for. Epic tale of duty, loyalty, friendship and betrayal with one hell of a body count coda. Incredibly well paced, shot and edited with performances to match. Director Park Hoon-jung is immediately elevated to 'one to watch' with this fine creation. One of the year's best.

  10. TFCHooligan69's rating of the film New World

    New World is without a doubt one of my favourite recent Korean releases, with an intriguing storyline featuring some brutal violence. Bought this on DVD fairly recently as a rather blind buy. Pleasantly surprised.

  11. tasha 2202's rating of the film New World

    all i can say superb acting from lee jung jae,hwang jung min & park sung woong

  12. Linda's rating of the film New World

    Entertaining but kind of flat korean gangster film. If you like Asian guys in sharp suits, it's a film for you. Choi Min-sik is in it which is a bonus. But 2 tiny roles for women while the screen was flooded with Black suits aka only male characters? meh..

  13. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film New World

    Hay una cultura de la ratas en el cine negro surcoreano. Es la fascinación por crear una serie de trampas, giros bruscos en la trama, personajes con doble perfil. Es el legado del cine sobre mafias que no deja de arrastrar a los viejos padres, es por eso que el final de "New World" quiere asumir el final de "El padrino".

  14. Andhika Eka Buana's rating of the film New World

    A fun genre exercise that plays everything by the book, and scrambles it with nifty twists here, there, and everywhere. No wonder since it turned outto be directed (and penned) by the screenwriter behind I SAW THE DEVIL. Lee Jung-Jae assured performance reminded me a lot of Lee Byung-hun's A Bittersweet Life career-making one.

  15. afterlife's rating of the film New World

    ridiculously good. the boardroom scene at the end gave me chills.

  16. ElTigreNegro's rating of the film New World

    It has the same problems Park's script for I Saw The Devil had: rushing to ellaborated set pieces sacrificing transitions and character developement. There are characters which motivations are vague, or just seem to be there for no real reason at all (female contact playing "go" with the lead character) then the big twists come and you just don't care because the protagonist was such a bore to watch.

  17. CJ Roy's rating of the film New World

    You can tell a cinematographer made this film. Everything looks fine and is framed alright but it has no soul, no specific reason for existing. It has the dumbest blue filter, melancholy Mann rip-off shots as well. The action is poorly choreographed including that dumb elevator. Can we stop mentioning The Godfather as an influence to every organized crime film, even if their is politics? It's stupid. You look stupid.

  18. eek's rating of the film New World

    The parking fight and the elevator scene/shot are so great

  19. hastapura's rating of the film New World

    Props to Park: hell of a debut. He's cooking with leftovers, a bit, but when the dish is this goddamn tasty it's hard to complain. Dudes have gone entire careers without a scene like the elevator fight.