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  1. Photo of David Elfick

    David Elfick Screenplay and Producer

  2. Photo of Bob Ellis

    Bob Ellis Screenplay

  3. Photo of Phillip Noyce

    Phillip Noyce Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Philippe Mora

    Philippe Mora Screenplay

  5. Photo of Bill Hunter

    Bill Hunter Cast

  6. Photo of Wendy Hughes

    Wendy Hughes Cast

  7. Photo of Gerard Kennedy

    Gerard Kennedy Cast

  8. Photo of Chris Haywood

    Chris Haywood Cast

  9. Photo of John Ewart

    John Ewart Cast

  10. Photo of Don Crosby

    Don Crosby Cast

  11. Photo of Angela Punch McGregor

    Angela Punch McGregor Cast

  12. Photo of John Clayton

    John Clayton Cast

  13. Photo of John Dease

    John Dease Cast

  14. Photo of Bryan Brown

    Bryan Brown Cast

  15. Photo of Mark Holden

    Mark Holden Cast

  16. Photo of Bruce Spence

    Bruce Spence Cast

  17. Photo of Ray Meagher

    Ray Meagher Cast

  18. Photo of Drew Forsythe

    Drew Forsythe Cast

  19. Photo of Brian Blain

    Brian Blain Cast

  20. Photo of Jude Kuring

    Jude Kuring Cast

  21. Photo of John Flaus

    John Flaus Cast

  22. Photo of Tony Barry

    Tony Barry Cast

  23. Photo of Gerry Duggan

    Gerry Duggan Cast

  24. Photo of Vincent Monton

    Vincent Monton Cinematography

  25. Photo of William Motzing

    William Motzing Music

  26. Photo of Lissa Coote

    Lissa Coote Production Design

  27. Photo of John Scott

    John Scott Editing