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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Next

    'Next' is the next to last film for the amazing Peter Falk. The always enjoyable, always over the top Nic Cage tamps it down just a bit, but not too much to let the crazy out now and then for some 'Groundhog Day' type routines. Except the stakes are so much higher.

  2. Star Lord's rating of the film Next

    Non male ed impreziosito da Jessica Biel e Julianne Moore.

  3. JackButcher's rating of the film Next

    very 'losely based' on the Philip K Dick novel... not very good. Nic Cage's hair......

  4. Tiago Silva's rating of the film Next

  5. elMar81's rating of the film Next

    Storia interessante, film con un buon ritmo che ti tiene incollato allo schermo dall'inzio alla fine.

  6. Movie Blabber's rating of the film Next

    A massive trainwreck. If you thought having a subdued Nicholas Cage, boring action scenes, awful SFX and terrible lighting are bad enough...wait until you get to the end. It will make your blood shit.

  7. angiebasuki's rating of the film Next

    Nicholas Cage should stop signing for bad films

  8. Subterranean Cinema's rating of the film Next

    What is up with that goofy image from the film shown above? It looks like Lina Wermuller acting out the torture scene from Clockwork Orange. Nicolas Cage just flat out acts in way too many films now. This is the sound of one shark jumping over and over and over. At least they finally cancelled the Fonz. Retire for a while, Nic, Im sick of the sight of your dopey face in 10 films a year (and all of them garbage).

  9. Nokta's rating of the film Next

    well i like this kind of movies... i feel like the same when i watched dejavu for the first... should be watched ofcourse if you like films like dejavu... among the other things i could die for jessica biel

  10. Tom Left's rating of the film Next

    It's a very bad movie... that's all ! The screenplay is rotten, Nicolas Cage has never played as badly, Julianne Moore plays a character stereotype uninteresting ... and the final trick is a pretext for "surprise" the audience and give it a happy ending ... I'm sorry but no!

  11. Johnny Chicago's rating of the film Next

    An amazing movie which mesmerizes the viewer with both its undeniable logic and great depth of characters.