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  1. Photo of Lucian Pintilie

    Lucian Pintilie Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Radu Aldulescu

    Radu Aldulescu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rasvan Popescu

    Rasvan Popescu Screenplay

  4. Photo of Costel Cascaval

    Costel Cascaval Cast

  5. Photo of Dorina Chiriac

    Dorina Chiriac Cast

  6. Photo of Gheorghe Visu

    Gheorghe Visu Cast

  7. Photo of Victor Rebengiuc

    Victor Rebengiuc Cast

  8. Photo of Răzvan Vasilescu

    Răzvan Vasilescu Cast

  9. Photo of Gabriel Spahiu

    Gabriel Spahiu Cast

  10. Photo of Dan Tudor

    Dan Tudor Cast

  11. Photo of Doru Ana

    Doru Ana Cast

  12. Photo of Petrica Gheorghiu

    Petrica Gheorghiu Cast

  13. Photo of Cornel Scripcaru

    Cornel Scripcaru Cast

  14. Photo of Dragoş Bucur

    Dragoş Bucur Cast

  15. Photo of Cosmin Seleşi

    Cosmin Seleşi Cast

  16. Photo of Călin Ghibu

    Călin Ghibu Cinematography

  17. Photo of Silviu Stavila

    Silviu Stavila Cinematography

  18. Photo of Calin Papura

    Calin Papura Production Design

  19. Photo of Marin Karmitz

    Marin Karmitz Producer

  20. Photo of Claudine Bouché

    Claudine Bouché Editing

  21. Photo of Victorita Nae

    Victorita Nae Editing

  22. Photo of Andrei Papp

    Andrei Papp Sound

  23. Photo of Jean-Bernard Thomasson

    Jean-Bernard Thomasson Sound