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  1. Photo of Jean-Paul Savignac

    Jean-Paul Savignac Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Paul Vecchiali

    Paul Vecchiali Screenplay

  3. Photo of Claude Rank

    Claude Rank Novel

  4. Photo of Eddie Constantine

    Eddie Constantine Cast

  5. Photo of Nicole Courcel

    Nicole Courcel Cast

  6. Photo of Joe Dassin

    Joe Dassin Cast

  7. Photo of Jeanne Valérie

    Jeanne Valérie Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Harden

    Jacques Harden Cast

  9. Photo of Roger Rudel

    Roger Rudel Cast

  10. Photo of Jean Ozenne

    Jean Ozenne Cast

  11. Photo of Pierre Rousseau

    Pierre Rousseau Cast

  12. Photo of Michel Ruhl

    Michel Ruhl Cast

  13. Photo of Gordon Felio

    Gordon Felio Cast

  14. Photo of Graziella Galvani

    Graziella Galvani Cast

  15. Photo of Carl Studer

    Carl Studer Cast

  16. Photo of Donald O'Brien

    Donald O'Brien Cast

  17. Photo of Jimmy Karoubi

    Jimmy Karoubi Cast

  18. Photo of Marcel Champel

    Marcel Champel Cast

  19. Photo of Marcello Pagliero

    Marcello Pagliero Cast

  20. Photo of Claude Beausoleil

    Claude Beausoleil Cinematography

  21. Photo of Alain Goraguer

    Alain Goraguer Music

  22. Photo of Claude Pignot

    Claude Pignot Production Design

  23. Photo of Mag Bodard

    Mag Bodard Producer

  24. Photo of André Michelin

    André Michelin Producer

  25. Photo of Lila Biro

    Lila Biro Editing

  26. Photo of Agnès Senne

    Agnès Senne Costume Design