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  1. Photo of Chantal Akerman

    Chantal Akerman Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Martine Marignac

    Martine Marignac Producer

  3. Photo of Maurice Tinchant

    Maurice Tinchant Producer

  4. Photo of Marilyn Watelet

    Marilyn Watelet Producer

  5. Photo of Pascal Bonitzer

    Pascal Bonitzer Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jean-Claude Neckelbrouck

    Jean-Claude Neckelbrouck Cinematography

  7. Photo of Guilaine Londez

    Guilaine Londez Cast

  8. Photo of Thomas Langmann

    Thomas Langmann Cast

  9. Photo of François Négret

    François Négret Cast

  10. Photo of Pierre Wallon

    Pierre Wallon Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Marc Hérouet

    Marc Hérouet Music

  12. Photo of Francine Sandberg

    Francine Sandberg Editing

  13. Photo of Dominique Douret

    Dominique Douret Production Design

  14. Photo of Michel Vandestien

    Michel Vandestien Production Design

  15. Photo of Alix Comte

    Alix Comte Sound

  16. Photo of Nicole Colchat

    Nicole Colchat Cast

  17. Photo of Pierre Laroche

    Pierre Laroche Cast

  18. Photo of Christian Crahay

    Christian Crahay Cast

  19. Photo of Luc Fonteyn

    Luc Fonteyn Cast

  20. Photo of Sandrine Laroche

    Sandrine Laroche Cast

  21. Photo of Yves Coméliau

    Yves Coméliau Cast

  22. Photo of Olindo Bolzan

    Olindo Bolzan Cast

  23. Photo of Nicole Duret

    Nicole Duret Cast

  24. Photo of Violette Léonard

    Violette Léonard Cast

  25. Photo of Cecilia Kankonda

    Cecilia Kankonda Cast