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Ratings & Reviews

  1. xuxuxush's rating of the film Night and Fog in Japan

    pretentious, convoluted, stilted, heavy-handedly most Oshima films, infused with an aggressively masculine sense of control and force of will that is at once violent and boring. Also, like most Oshima films, takes itself unbearably seriously. The excessively intense music was maybe the worst part of it all. Hopefully there was more to the Japanese New Left than this...

  2. Lex Lucas's rating of the film Night and Fog in Japan

    I really felt this sense of chaos and pessimism throughout the whole movie, wich left a huge impression on me. The use of darkness in the frame is absolutely great and justified. However the never ending chaos in dialogues is hammering, despite being justified for the messages it carries. In conclusion, this extreme social party can't rule itself in a righteous way, leading to personal disasters.

  3. Jesse Furgurson's rating of the film Night and Fog in Japan

    Maybe the best movie ever made about the radical Left?

  4. Neither/Nor's rating of the film Night and Fog in Japan

    Oshima's discussion-drama situates Resnais' haunted technique in a wedding ceremony that functions simultaneously as a funeral for the political self and a battleground for the principles of youth revolt and stability, unified by Brechtian technique and tormented retrospection. Amazingly, a commercial release; predictably, shelved by the studio upon realizing Oshima had concealed content of the screenplay from them.