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  1. Photo of Davide Marengo

    Davide Marengo Director

  2. Photo of Donatella Palermo

    Donatella Palermo Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Wlodzimierz Otulak

    Wlodzimierz Otulak Producer

  4. Photo of Sandro Silvestri

    Sandro Silvestri Producer

  5. Photo of Giampiero Rigosi

    Giampiero Rigosi Screenplay

  6. Photo of Maura Vespini

    Maura Vespini Screenplay and Producer

  7. Photo of Isotta Toso

    Isotta Toso Screenplay

  8. Photo of Cesare Cicardini

    Cesare Cicardini Screenplay

  9. Photo of Maria Grazia Perria

    Maria Grazia Perria Screenplay

  10. Photo of Fabio Bonifacci

    Fabio Bonifacci Screenplay

  11. Photo of Arnaldo Catinari

    Arnaldo Catinari Cinematography

  12. Photo of Giovanna Mezzogiorno

    Giovanna Mezzogiorno Cast

  13. Photo of Valerio Mastandrea

    Valerio Mastandrea Cast

  14. Photo of Ennio Fantastichini

    Ennio Fantastichini Cast

  15. Photo of Anna Romantowska

    Anna Romantowska Cast

  16. Photo of Roberto Citran

    Roberto Citran Cast

  17. Photo of Francesco Pannofino

    Francesco Pannofino Cast

  18. Photo of Ivan Franek

    Ivan Franek Cast

  19. Photo of Antonio Catania

    Antonio Catania Cast

  20. Photo of Iaia Forte

    Iaia Forte Cast

  21. Photo of Marcello Mazzarella

    Marcello Mazzarella Cast

  22. Photo of Marek Barbasiewicz

    Marek Barbasiewicz Cast

  23. Photo of Renato Nicolini

    Renato Nicolini Cast

  24. Photo of Massimo De Santis

    Massimo De Santis Cast

  25. Photo of Paolo Calabresi

    Paolo Calabresi Cast

  26. Photo of Patrizio Marone

    Patrizio Marone Editing

  27. Photo of Anna Forletta

    Anna Forletta Production Design

  28. Photo of Gabriele Coen

    Gabriele Coen Music

  29. Photo of Mario Rivera

    Mario Rivera Music

  30. Photo of Eva Coen

    Eva Coen Costume Design