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  1. Photo of Mai Zetterling

    Mai Zetterling Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Göran Lindgren

    Göran Lindgren Producer

  3. Photo of David Hughes

    David Hughes Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rune Ericson

    Rune Ericson Cinematography

  5. Photo of Ingrid Thulin

    Ingrid Thulin Cast

  6. Photo of Keve Hjelm

    Keve Hjelm Cast

  7. Photo of Jörgen Lindström

    Jörgen Lindström Cast

  8. Photo of Lena Brundin

    Lena Brundin Cast

  9. Photo of Naima Wifstrand

    Naima Wifstrand Cast

  10. Photo of Monica Zetterlund

    Monica Zetterlund Cast

  11. Photo of Lauritz Falk

    Lauritz Falk Cast

  12. Photo of Rune Lindström

    Rune Lindström Cast

  13. Photo of Christian Bratt

    Christian Bratt Cast

  14. Photo of Lissi Alandh

    Lissi Alandh Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Davies

    Paul Davies Editing

  16. Photo of Jan Boleslaw

    Jan Boleslaw Production Design

  17. Photo of Jan Johansson

    Jan Johansson Music

  18. Photo of Georg Riedel

    Georg Riedel Music

  19. Photo of Birgitta Hahn

    Birgitta Hahn Costume Design