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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Night Games

    Traumatisé par une enfance trouble en compagnie d'une mère obsédée et une tante perverse, Jan a bien des difficultés relationnelles avec sa promise et aura bien du mal pour exorciser ce passé douloureux ..... EXCELLENT !

  2. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Night Games

    Lots of foreshadowing here. It's hard to grow up with a mother that's a raging narcissist. She tends to be a bit of a magpie. Poor kid had to deal with a problem mother in 'The Silence' as well. I like the fact that Shirley Temple resigned when the SFF decided to show this movie. Conservatives stand in the middle of the road trying to halt progress. Good riddance.

  3. Juurakkotukka's rating of the film Night Games The whole movie with english subs.

  4. DK's rating of the film Night Games

    Tracked this down for its Bergman associations (Thulin, the kid from The Silence and Persona, as well as the great Naima Wifstrand). Some great cinematography but the boy's past, dominated by a hedonistic mother, played by Thulin, was a little too wacky. The present-day sequences were much more effective for their subtlety, quietness and the restrained acting of Brundin and Hjelm. Not a lost classic so much as curio