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  1. Photo of Curtis Bernhardt

    Curtis Bernhardt Director

  2. Photo of Bernhard Kellermann

    Bernhard Kellermann Novel

  3. Photo of Lilo Dammert

    Lilo Dammert Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hans Jacoby

    Hans Jacoby Screenplay

  5. Photo of André Legrand

    André Legrand Screenplay

  6. Photo of Bernard Zimmer

    Bernard Zimmer Screenplay

  7. Photo of Pierre Blanchar

    Pierre Blanchar Cast

  8. Photo of Renée Saint-Cyr

    Renée Saint-Cyr Cast

  9. Photo of Gilbert Gil

    Gilbert Gil Cast

  10. Photo of Jean Tissier

    Jean Tissier Cast

  11. Photo of Marcel André

    Marcel André Cast

  12. Photo of Eugène Stuber

    Eugène Stuber Cast

  13. Photo of Pearl Argyle

    Pearl Argyle Cast

  14. Photo of Geneviève Beau

    Geneviève Beau Cast

  15. Photo of Denise Berley

    Denise Berley Cast

  16. Photo of Bernard Blier

    Bernard Blier Cast

  17. Photo of Marcel Delannoy

    Marcel Delannoy Cast and Music

  18. Photo of Dora Doll

    Dora Doll Cast

  19. Photo of Georges Flateau

    Georges Flateau Cast

  20. Photo of Gustave Gallet

    Gustave Gallet Cast

  21. Photo of Anthony Gildès

    Anthony Gildès Cast

  22. Photo of Maurice Jaubert

    Maurice Jaubert Cast

  23. Photo of Maurice Nasil

    Maurice Nasil Cast

  24. Photo of Jean Parédès

    Jean Parédès Cast

  25. Photo of Marcel Pérès

    Marcel Pérès Cast

  26. Photo of Serge Reggiani

    Serge Reggiani Cast

  27. Photo of Monique Thibaut

    Monique Thibaut Cast

  28. Photo of Grégor Rabinovitch

    Grégor Rabinovitch Producer

  29. Photo of Robert Woog

    Robert Woog Producer

  30. Photo of Jean Isnard

    Jean Isnard Cinematography

  31. Photo of Myriam (Borsoutsky)

    Myriam (Borsoutsky) Editing

  32. Photo of Henri Ménessier

    Henri Ménessier Production Design

  33. Photo of Robert Bugnon

    Robert Bugnon Sound

  34. Photo of Antoine Petitjean

    Antoine Petitjean Sound