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  1. Photo of Alexander Hammid

    Alexander Hammid Director

  2. Photo of Martha Graham

    Martha Graham Screenplay and Self

  3. Photo of Bertram Ross

    Bertram Ross Self

  4. Photo of Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor Self

  5. Photo of Helen McGehee

    Helen McGehee Self

  6. Photo of Ethel Winter

    Ethel Winter Self

  7. Photo of Mary Hinkson

    Mary Hinkson Self

  8. Photo of Linda Hodes

    Linda Hodes Self

  9. Photo of Akiko Kanda

    Akiko Kanda Self

  10. Photo of Carol Payne

    Carol Payne Self

  11. Photo of Bette Shaler

    Bette Shaler Self

  12. Photo of Stanley Meredith

    Stanley Meredith Cinematography

  13. Photo of William Schuman

    William Schuman Music

  14. Photo of Nathan Kroll

    Nathan Kroll Producer

  15. Photo of Miriam Arshay

    Miriam Arshay Editing

  16. Photo of Isamu Noguchi

    Isamu Noguchi Costume Design and Production Design