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  1. Photo of Marsha Norman

    Marsha Norman Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dann Byck

    Dann Byck Executive Producer

  3. Photo of David Lancaster

    David Lancaster Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Alan Greisman

    Alan Greisman Producer

  5. Photo of Aaron Spelling

    Aaron Spelling Producer

  6. Photo of David Shire

    David Shire Music

  7. Photo of Stephen M. Katz

    Stephen M. Katz Cinematography

  8. Photo of Suzanne Pettit

    Suzanne Pettit Editing

  9. Photo of Jackson De Govia

    Jackson De Govia Production Design

  10. Photo of Robert Blackman

    Robert Blackman Costume Design

  11. Photo of Sissy Spacek

    Sissy Spacek Cast

  12. Photo of Anne Bancroft

    Anne Bancroft Cast

  13. Photo of Ed Berke

    Ed Berke Cast

  14. Photo of Carol Robbins

    Carol Robbins Cast

  15. Photo of Jennifer Roosendahl

    Jennifer Roosendahl Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Kenworthy

    Michael Kenworthy Cast

  17. Photo of Sari Walker

    Sari Walker Cast

  18. Photo of Claire Malis

    Claire Malis Cast

  19. Photo of Tom Moore

    Tom Moore Director