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  1. Myles's rating of the film 'night, Mother

    I loved this. Anne Bancroft pleads and pleads and pleads!

  2. Erik F.'s rating of the film 'night, Mother

  3. Samuel Donath's rating of the film 'night, Mother

    3.5 For the acting alone. It takes true masters to pull of this painful play version of a film.

  4. mjgildea's rating of the film 'night, Mother

    Film adaptations of plays are tricky because you need a hell of a cast that can successfully pull off long stretches of dialogue & for the fact that ADD audiences get claustrophobic pretty quick. Thankfully Sissy Spacek & Anne Bancroft succeed with the former even if I never quite got past Spacek's shark eye contacts. While I wasn't exactly floored, there were points that left me kind of a mess. So well done there...

  5. Ryan Clark's rating of the film 'night, Mother

    Very good performances from Spacek and Bancroft, but this is a one-note movie that doesn't really go anywhere interesting with their characters. The only reason I kept watching was to find out if she would go through with the suicide or not. I probably won't ever feel the need to watch it again now that I know the answer.

  6. Roscoe's rating of the film 'night, Mother

    Alas, miscast. Ms. Spacek and Bancroft do their best, but they cannot compare to Kathy Bates and Anne Pitoniak, the originals.