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  1. Mr. Gumby's rating of the film Night Moves

    Gene Hackman is an ordinary man, a kind of noir character adapted to the "modernity" of the seventies. Without charm or glamour, "Night Moves" develops as a mix between the romantic dilemmas of the protagonist, and an investigation that leads to other circumstances. None of these two sides of the plot have a great development, but the dark and obscure spirit of the Arthur Penn's style helps the viewer to be ...

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Night Moves

    Le cinéma d'Arthur Penn dans toute sa maîtrise, avec un Gene Hackman admirable reconstituant le puzzle d'un personnage à la recherche d'une vérité extérieure sans intérêt, vers une découverte de soi, lucide et désespérée. Une oeuvre difficile qui mérite et nécessite une attention soutenue du spectateur...

  3. Mr.Rager's rating of the film Night Moves

    For me this was super boring, like watching the paint drying. Maybe the last twenty minutes were more interesting but i was already half asleep so... 5/10

  4. Moses Lumpkin's rating of the film Night Moves

    If you don't go, how can you come back?

  5. Eric Ortiz García's rating of the film Night Moves

  6. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film Night Moves

    So great. One of the most pessimistic films I've ever seen.

  7. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Night Moves

    With its roughhewn, made-for-TV flavour - which refracts noir's B-movie origins - Night Moves' look, tone, and (lack of) cinematic flair means it will always fall under Chinatown's luminous shadow. And while Hackman is an apt choice for the cuckolded anti-noir detective, the movie shoots itself in the foot by rendering him so doggedly demure and ordinary that he often rings more bland than existentially profound.

  8. Balthaz21's rating of the film Night Moves

  9. GZI's rating of the film Night Moves

    i didn't have a clue why it's hit me so hard until i read the critic by roger ebert and others. dunno anything about the watergate or anything about what was the recent state in america those days, guess it makes this movie a classic.

  10. SpacePirate's rating of the film Night Moves

    What an excellent little throwback noir. Hackman is ace as ex footballer gone detective. The French Connection it isnt, this is a whole different type of cop story, driven more by characters then style. Penn may have made his best work here, although I admit I am not the most well versed in his catalog. Essential for fans of 70s cinema, and great acting in general. Not to be missed.

  11. Aardsy's rating of the film Night Moves

    Gene Hackman is good in anything.

  12. Renton47's rating of the film Night Moves

    A film that's as much about the contribution of the detective narrative to our consciousness as also being another addition to that... Accordingly unglamorous, reactionary. At what point does a film about the futility and worthlessness of Hollywood ideals also contribute to our understanding of classical new (or here 70's) ideals. I like cynical films, this boasts a great ending which is a bit traditional for intent

  13. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Night Moves

  14. Dominic Simard-Jean's rating of the film Night Moves

    Crossover detective/Éric Rohmer inspired flick. Gene Hackman is pretty good but his character doesn't have the complexity that could make this movie more interesting. I'm not the biggest fan of adultery stories (i'm definetly not a Rohmer fan) so this film failed to keep me interested.

  15. ASHES IN THE HOURGLASS's rating of the film Night Moves

    In the case of many director, their BEST work is often overshadowed by their most INFLUENTIAL work. Such is the case with Arthur Penn who will go down in cinematic history for Bonnie and Clyde and not for Night Moves. A brilliant homage to film noir that, by ironically covering old Hollywood grounds, manages to tell a story of change. It also offers a depiction of sleazy Hollywood that rivals Wilder's and Lynch's.

  16. MarcelVonPure's rating of the film Night Moves

    Gene Hackman falls for Brit Marling Sr.

  17. Blumes's rating of the film Night Moves

    The "nipple staying hard for 30 minutes after" conversation is unintentionally hilarious.

  18. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Night Moves

    “Who’s winning?” “Nobody. One side’s just losing more slowly than the other.”

  19. David Grillo's rating of the film Night Moves

    After a short period of self awareness the cinema reaches adulthood.

  20. tibber's rating of the film Night Moves

    I feel like Hackman's character at the end. Either I'm really confused or this is a brilliant subversion of the standard private eye story.

  21. Endre's rating of the film Night Moves

    Emotional Authenticity the no bullshit american way. Like a dissapointed but astir fisherman, living in solitude from the world. Quite heartwrenching, but in that let's move along-way, that bent on existing-way, let's get this silly fish up in the boat.

  22. Jamie Scott-Dyson's rating of the film Night Moves

    Reminded me of The Long Goodbye and American Friend because it's a film that relies on the charecters perception and atmosphere over plot direction- this is shown through the plots increasing lack of direction as harry himself looses interest. Whilst i'm an avid fan of gritty american films like Scarecrow and The Conversation i felt Night Moves could be a tad to vague and loose at times. 3.5/5

  23. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Night Moves

    A brilliant twist on the more conventional PI mystery plot with Sharp and Penn more worried about studying the man than the narrative. It's a truly subversive and ultimately though-provoking character study, a backstage look at the life of a PI if you will. All the moral and ethical issues of a profession glorified by the movies are her portrayed in gut-wrenching fashion. Plus, it treated the audience with brains.

  24. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Night Moves

    Poor Eric Rohmer never stood a chance against Harry Moseby's undeniably pedestrian gait about everything surrounding his life, a simple man working his way as a private eye while trying to get a hold of his tumbling marriage are the two elements in which this very memorable film edifies itself, but the real surprise lies not in uncovering the plot but in the withdrawal of understanding the real motivation of it all.

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