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  1. Photo of James C. Wasson

    James C. Wasson Director

  2. Photo of Jim L. Ball

    Jim L. Ball Producer, Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mike Williams

    Mike Williams Screenplay

  4. Photo of John Quick

    John Quick Cinematography

  5. Photo of Michael Cutt

    Michael Cutt Cast

  6. Photo of Joy Allen

    Joy Allen Cast

  7. Photo of Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Cast

  8. Photo of Jody Lazarus

    Jody Lazarus Cast

  9. Photo of Rick Fields

    Rick Fields Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Lang

    Michael Lang Cast

  11. Photo of Melanie Graham

    Melanie Graham Cast

  12. Photo of Shannon Cooper

    Shannon Cooper Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Kelleher

    Paul Kelleher Cast

  14. Photo of Ray Jarris

    Ray Jarris Cast

  15. Photo of William F. Nugent

    William F. Nugent Cast

  16. Photo of Lynn Eastman-Rossi

    Lynn Eastman-Rossi Cast

  17. Photo of Eugene Dow

    Eugene Dow Cast

  18. Photo of Don Hurst

    Don Hurst Cast

  19. Photo of Terry Wilson

    Terry Wilson Cast

  20. Photo of Kathy Stimac

    Kathy Stimac Cast

  21. Photo of Renata Lee

    Renata Lee Cast

  22. Photo of Philip Boyd

    Philip Boyd Cast

  23. Photo of Mark Phelan

    Mark Phelan Cast

  24. Photo of Jennifer West

    Jennifer West Cast

  25. Photo of Greg Langdon

    Greg Langdon Cast

  26. Photo of Rob Camp

    Rob Camp Cast

  27. Photo of Shane Dixon

    Shane Dixon Cast

  28. Photo of Dix Turner

    Dix Turner Cast

  29. Photo of Bunny Bernhardt

    Bunny Bernhardt Cast

  30. Photo of Fred Owens

    Fred Owens Cast

  31. Photo of Heather Eide

    Heather Eide Cast

  32. Photo of Virginia English

    Virginia English Cast

  33. Photo of Mark Olay

    Mark Olay Cast

  34. Photo of Barrett Cooper

    Barrett Cooper Cast

  35. Photo of David Gooch

    David Gooch Production Design

  36. Photo of Stuart Hardy

    Stuart Hardy Music

  37. Photo of Dennis McCarthy

    Dennis McCarthy Music

  38. Photo of Fred Ginsberg

    Fred Ginsberg Sound

  39. Photo of Ann Krupa

    Ann Krupa Sound