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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Log Lady's rating of the film Night of the Devils

    Ferroni approaches Tolstoy's novella differently than Bava, but although I prefer the latter's version, there are good moments in here as well. Slow in a good way and sometimes genuinely creepy, this is a pretty decent addition to Italian horror.

  2. Fantods's rating of the film Night of the Devils

    I'm surprised none of Mubi's horror denizens have commented on this eerie little film. Based on Tolstoy's novella The Family of Vourdalak, an urbanite's car breaks down in the Yugoslavian wilderness. The traveler soon stumbles upon a remote cottage occupied by a withdrawn family that guards a dark secret. "Devils" isn't nail-biting terror, but it's a well-paced, creepy lo-fi gem that commands better recognition.