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  1. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Night Shift

  2. Ethan's rating of the film Night Shift

    Fonzie and Beetlejuice work together in a morgue and start a brothel with Ted Danson's girlfriend from Cheers and directed by Richie Cunningham, what more could you want from a movie?

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Night Shift

    The combination of Winkler post Happy Days, Long pre Cheers and Keaton in his film debut resulted in a box office hit back in summer of '82. What's surprising is just how tame the picture is considering the subject matter much like 'Pretty Woman' which would come 8 years later. Howard's direction here certainly didn't show any promise of anything to come though. A fun script by Mandel and Ganz.

  4. TravisSMcClain's rating of the film Night Shift

    This one cracks me up every time I see it. Keaton is full of the kind of energy that makes a comedy like this work. Not only will you find a young Kevin Costner, but Shannen Doherty leads a group of Blue Belles into combat against a hapless Winkler in an elevator! There's also Richard Belzer as an enforcer.