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  1. Ghostman's rating of the film Night Tide

    Night Tide is a fascinating film that conjures a strange, uncommon aura that evokes great mystery as well as the opportunity for horror. It's shot like a grand noir film but also has a wonderful dexterity in its cinema and has the novelty of featuring a very young Dennis Hopper as the lead. It's also most likely the best film I've seen on the subject of mermaids. An offbeat, unsung gem of American horror cinema.

  2. asaakim's rating of the film Night Tide

  3. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Night Tide

    An early black and white film starring Dennis Hopper playing a young, stars-in-his-eyes Navy lad who meets a beautiful young girl in a seaside town. But the girl has dark secrets! NICE! The story gets off-track in the third act and tips way into the realm of melodrama, but overall the ride getting there is pretty danged enjoyable.

  4. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Night Tide

    The red herring of the mystery woman never being solved kinda feel if there was more surrealism to it then it could have worked, the way it lives it just feels like something he couldnt clear up. But its a nice film that tries to subvert its tropes a bit.

  5. letters never sent's rating of the film Night Tide

  6. DT Vince's rating of the film Night Tide

    Beach demons and boardwalk babes. Full of longing, mystery, and hypnotic imagery. Thalassophobia in black and white.

  7. DrFirestone's rating of the film Night Tide

    A masterpiece? Hmm, compared to what? It's a quite unusual mix of fantasy and a love story drama with some elements of horror and perhaps film noir - yes, this sounds very unique, but the film doesn't manage to create the feeling of a confusing, delusional fever dream. It's nice to see Dennis Hopper's first main role, but overall acting isn't particularly impressive in this film to say the least...

  8. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Night Tide

    A dark and dreamy slice of oddness, Night Tide is well worth discovering, now that the opportunity is here.

  9. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film Night Tide

    Making use of the images of a boardwalk amusement park at the edge of a sea the film cleverly plumbs psychological depths in a story of a young innocent who navigates a dark and dangerous world of romantic attraction and delusion to advance toward sexual maturity. At the center is a Tarot reading which outlines both the films’ structure and it’s major themes. A ‘B’ movie surprise.

  10. Joshua Paolino's rating of the film Night Tide

    Glad to see Dennis Hopper's first leading film role preserved. A well-shot film that's a walk into what Venice Beach looked like in 1960. The only thing that takes away from it is the rather quick and somewhat lame ending.

  11. David Willi's rating of the film Night Tide

    Calling this a masterpiece, as the quote says in the description, is truly exaggerating. What I liked was the beginning scene in the beatnik jazz club. The way the film picked up the ancient greek myths about sirens was interesting and a bit funny. Mora may be seen as a wink to the 'moirai', the goddesses of destiny. I also didn't dislike the ending, which left the possibiliy open, that Mora really was a mermaid.

  12. @frassivan's rating of the film Night Tide

  13. lou.'s rating of the film Night Tide

    Well, I have to say I unexpectedly enjoyed it. I'm deeply fascinated by mythological creatures. Every girl wanted to be a mermaid, once in her life (or riding a unicorn, instead of a pony) – and so I did. This isn't a horror movie at all, but a little fantasy, dreamy nice one.

  14. Sean Honey's rating of the film Night Tide

    What a treat to have this film restored. I was transported to it's fantastical place. Dennis Hopper has a magnetism that is indefinable, he was so great when he was there to be good. Romance, Imagination, Fascination.

  15. Pedro Solá Porta López's rating of the film Night Tide

    Night Tide mixes, with success, a romantic story with a suspenseful take on the sirens’ myth. However, the final minutes of the film rely on an explanation that lacks sophistication.

  16. Jonathan Pr's rating of the film Night Tide

  17. zubee's rating of the film Night Tide

    But for a few loose ends that just don't add up, a good flick.

  18. 5th1's rating of the film Night Tide

    A pretty good and eerie flick. Not really a horror but maybe more like a psychological thriller/ drama

  19. DebraM's rating of the film Night Tide

    More a melodrama than a horror flick, I can certainly see the cult appeal to film lovers like me - this is the kind of thing that played on late night TV when I was kid. And even here, Dennis Hopper is a standout. This is a stunning restoration of a really sweet & melancholic B-movie.

  20. Fischl's rating of the film Night Tide

  21. Pegarange's rating of the film Night Tide

    It definitely has its moments (especially towards the end), but too often does it feel about 20 years late in terms of acting, pacing, and overall atmosphere.

  22. Erin's rating of the film Night Tide

    Really enjoyed this movie, but the ending fell a little flat.

  23. kailienicolereece's rating of the film Night Tide

    Being an individual in love with fantasy and science fiction, I was on board for the premiss of a literal siren murdering land dwellers based on some deep seeded natural urge out of her control. Boy was I wrong, and pleasantly so.

  24. ANTOINE DEFONTAINE's rating of the film Night Tide

    Un ovni du cinéma de genre que j'ai eu l'occasion de voir lors du Festival Lumière à Lyon. Si vous aimez encore les vieux effets spéciaux mais encore plus les belles histoires, regardez Night Tide.

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