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  1. Narrante's rating of the film Night Train

    This movie shares most of the merits and flaws of Diao Yi'Nan's Black Coal, Thin Ice: visually gorgeous, with a sage rendering of sounds and spaces (particularly the distance between the characters feels like an abyss). On the other side a script that makes you crave for more depth and consistency. Just find this dude the right co-writer and he'll make wonders.

  2. kartina obskura's rating of the film Night Train

    the cruelty comes naturally. the madness is silent and orderly. it doesn´t come with swings on the roofs and burning musicians, it´s like it´s always been there. and no one is surprised. it´s accepted and incorporated in life. and their relation is not as subtle as it would be if mikio naruse would film it (but, again, nothing is) but it doesn´t make it feel over-the-top, even tho it is. and the scene in the

  3. Omus's rating of the film Night Train

    I don't know that I've ever seen China depicted in such grim, industrial light.

  4. Nick Potter's rating of the film Night Train

    A really sort of interesting Chinese film that is gorgeous, but a bit lacking otherwise. As I have heard of Black Coal, Thin Ice, this film shows enough promise to keep me interested.

  5. naokoken's rating of the film Night Train

    Wen Zi soundtrack is nice and the shot composition is amazing. You cannot film the interior loneliness of a person so instead we have multiple exterior perspectives of Wu as she moves through her existence. Hypnotic nostalgia reminiscent of early Terrence Malick. This one struck me as both peaceful and sad. Standing at the rowboat he says to her "Come on aboard."

  6. David R Williams's rating of the film Night Train

    Dark and compelling...the desperation of desire...the desolation of lust.

  7. Mark Tallo's rating of the film Night Train

  8. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Night Train

    In this movie people are robots, numb to anything hopeful in life. There isn't love, just a mechanical violent lust that propels them forward.

  9. saltwater's rating of the film Night Train

    I saw "Black Coal, Thin Ice" at the SF Film Festival last year and loved it, so I was excited to watch another Diao film. The key elements of what made "Black Coal" interesting and successful are still evident -- grim landscapes of industrial China, beautiful cinematography, and a slick noir aesthetic. The story doesn't get interesting until about an hour in, but once it does, hold on.

  10. jchandleroc's rating of the film Night Train

    Diao Yinan presents a bleak, painful vision of life in provincial China. Relationships here are marred by a detached cruelty elicited by the film's lifeless, icy environments. Does life's soul crushing day-to-day sameness render human connection impossible? Can one ever escape the utter brutality of existence?

  11. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Night Train

    what a terrible wonderful blues

  12. David Richards's rating of the film Night Train

    Grim. This film showed me a China I hadn't seen before.

  13. Sơn Phước's rating of the film Night Train

    Simple but well-constructed story. I love the breath-taking air this movie bring up. It's even better than Diao Yi'nan's "Black Coal, Thin Ice" - which won Golden Bear at Berlin.