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  1. Photo of Fabrizio Laurenti

    Fabrizio Laurenti Director

  2. Photo of Pupi Avati

    Pupi Avati Screenplay

  3. Photo of Massimo Bonetti

    Massimo Bonetti Cast

  4. Photo of Lorenzo Flaherty

    Lorenzo Flaherty Cast

  5. Photo of Jason Robards III

    Jason Robards III Cast

  6. Photo of Carolina Rosi

    Carolina Rosi Cast

  7. Photo of Cesare Barbetti

    Cesare Barbetti Cast

  8. Photo of Andrea Scorzoni

    Andrea Scorzoni Cast

  9. Photo of Bruno Corazzari

    Bruno Corazzari Cast

  10. Photo of Stefania Rocca

    Stefania Rocca Cast

  11. Photo of Arnaldo Ninchi

    Arnaldo Ninchi Cast

  12. Photo of Antonio Maimone

    Antonio Maimone Cast

  13. Photo of Mauro Marino

    Mauro Marino Cast

  14. Photo of Ciro Scalera

    Ciro Scalera Cast

  15. Photo of Mary Sellers

    Mary Sellers Cast

  16. Photo of Cesare Gelli

    Cesare Gelli Cast

  17. Photo of Stefano Accorsi

    Stefano Accorsi Cast

  18. Photo of Silvia Cohen

    Silvia Cohen Cast

  19. Photo of Claudia Lawrence

    Claudia Lawrence Cast

  20. Photo of Valeria Fabrizi

    Valeria Fabrizi Cast

  21. Photo of Clelia Bernacchi

    Clelia Bernacchi Cast

  22. Photo of Renzo Rinaldi

    Renzo Rinaldi Cast

  23. Photo of Emanuela Carcano

    Emanuela Carcano Cast

  24. Photo of Nicola Morelli

    Nicola Morelli Cast

  25. Photo of Massimo Sarchielli

    Massimo Sarchielli Cast

  26. Photo of Dario Casalini

    Dario Casalini Cast

  27. Photo of Cesare Bastelli

    Cesare Bastelli Cinematography

  28. Photo of Ugo Laurenti

    Ugo Laurenti Music

  29. Photo of Giuseppe Pirrotta

    Giuseppe Pirrotta Production Design

  30. Photo of Antonio Avati

    Antonio Avati Producer

  31. Photo of Paolo Cottignola

    Paolo Cottignola Editing

  32. Photo of Lisa Gillespie

    Lisa Gillespie Sound