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  1. Photo of Edgardo Cozarinsky

    Edgardo Cozarinsky Director, Screenplay Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Oscar Mazú

    Oscar Mazú Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Marcelo Céspedes

    Marcelo Céspedes Producer

  4. Photo of Serge Lalou

    Serge Lalou Producer

  5. Photo of Javier Miquelez

    Javier Miquelez Cinematography and Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Gonzalo Heredia

    Gonzalo Heredia Cast

  7. Photo of Mariana Anghileri

    Mariana Anghileri Cast

  8. Photo of Rafael Ferro

    Rafael Ferro Cast

  9. Photo of Darío Tripicchio

    Darío Tripicchio Cast

  10. Photo of Gregory Dayton

    Gregory Dayton Cast

  11. Photo of Susana Varela

    Susana Varela Cast

  12. Photo of Román Chaploski

    Román Chaploski Cast

  13. Photo of Jana Bokova

    Jana Bokova Cast

  14. Photo of Diego Cunill

    Diego Cunill Cast

  15. Photo of Diego Trerotola

    Diego Trerotola Cast

  16. Photo of David Solana

    David Solana Cast

  17. Photo of Marcelo Iglesias

    Marcelo Iglesias Cast

  18. Photo of Milita Brandon

    Milita Brandon Cast

  19. Photo of Maria Bulacio

    Maria Bulacio Cast

  20. Photo of Martine Bouquin

    Martine Bouquin Editing

  21. Photo of Carlos Franzetti

    Carlos Franzetti Music