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  1. Photo of Francis Delia

    Francis Delia Director

  2. Photo of Francis Delia

    Francis Delia Producer

  3. Photo of Stephen Sayadian

    Stephen Sayadian Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jerry Stahl

    Jerry Stahl Screenplay

  5. Photo of Francis Delia

    Francis Delia Cinematography

  6. Photo of Pearl Diamond

    Pearl Diamond Editing

  7. Photo of Jimmy Rigg

    Jimmy Rigg Production Design

  8. Photo of Mitchell Froom

    Mitchell Froom Music

  9. Photo of Reese L. Whitemeat

    Reese L. Whitemeat Sound

  10. Photo of Polly Ester

    Polly Ester Costume Design

  11. Photo of Dorothy LeMay

    Dorothy LeMay Cast

  12. Photo of Loni Sanders

    Loni Sanders Cast

  13. Photo of Jennifer West

    Jennifer West Cast

  14. Photo of Kevin James

    Kevin James Cast

  15. Photo of Fast Steppin' Freddie

    Fast Steppin' Freddie Cast

  16. Photo of Paul Berthell

    Paul Berthell Cast

  17. Photo of Jacqueline Lorians

    Jacqueline Lorians Cast

  18. Photo of Andy Nichols

    Andy Nichols Cast