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  1. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Nightfall

    Aldo Ray divides the audience like no other actor in this film, his acting is ragged and plain yet utterly believable as a double-crossed man. You either care about him or not. As for the movie itself, it is worth watching for its entertainment value, yet nothing else other than the cinematography comes across as great.

  2. Kenji's rating of the film Nightfall

    Though the final quarter feels rushed and stretches credibility, the preceding hour of Noir tension and atmosphere is to be cherished, as is the Ray-Bancroft pairing.

  3. Thomas's rating of the film Nightfall

    Even with all it's flaws and [now] stereotypical characterization, Tourneur takes what could easily have been just another above average noir and transforms it into an extraordinary pulp thriller with depth. Needless to say the cinematography, especially the exterior snowscapes, are visually striking.

  4. P D Dawson's rating of the film Nightfall

    A Hitchcockian-style thriller with a wonderful performance from Aldo Ray and some very uncomfortably nasty bad guys. This is noir at its full-throttle best, where the tension never ceases to amplify until its final climax.

  5. SiIencio's rating of the film Nightfall

    Rocambolesque noir where the the plot is stretched beyond the realms of the plausible hitting cartoonist notes at times. In such a confusing and confused atmosphere the cast do seem to forget that these are their paid jobs while widely offering unconvincing performances. Bancroft on the other hand just needs to bat her eyelashes to remain mesmerising particularly in early exchanges that quickly fall into oblivion.

  6. Superfrog's rating of the film Nightfall

    Let's itself be watched and keeps it reasonably short. Definitely won't shift your view on the world or grant you understanding about the finer details of human relationships. Enjoyable enough.

  7. Zanna Walsh's rating of the film Nightfall

    A nice little noir that i'd not heard of, with a wonderful young Ann Bancroft. I really liked Aldo Ray in this, I found him actually quite vulnerable, especially in the first scene with Bancroft. (she leaves her Martini at the bar!) Loved the running away from the baddies in the long, tight sequinned dress. A good watch.

  8. 'king Harold's rating of the film Nightfall

    As many plot holes as bullet holes, hilarious dialogue that must have inspired Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid and the Coens have been all over this.Great baddie double act. Anne Bancroft doesn't bother to learn how models walk and there is a weird marriage propoganda undercurrent.Fabulously flawed entertainment.

  9. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Nightfall

    The man trying to hide and the woman who works on display for a living! Interesting story and location - sadly Aldo Ray comes across more Simple Jack than anything, and Gregory's character is pointless. I can see its connection to Fargo. Understandably forgotten, even if it has some great moments.

  10. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Nightfall

    Feeling strangely like a precursor to Fargo, this fun and lively thriller works brilliantly from start to finish. The main characters are all great, even if the script isn't as sharp as it could be, and the direction and pacing are both great.

  11. George Harvey Bone's rating of the film Nightfall

    Excellent late noir helmed by one of my favourite directors (Jacques Tourneur) & benefitting from superb snowscape cinematography by Burnett Guffey. This and the fantastic 'Night of The Demon' made 1957 a very creative year for Tourneur!

  12. Tja's rating of the film Nightfall

    There's much to enjoy here, and a little to regret. Characters who talk and behave like real people are slightly unnerving in a 50's crime genre movie! The calm exuded by the good guy and his gal is a bit much at times given the violence of the bank robbers,but they'd clearly read ahead and were confident of a happy ending.

  13. FISCHER's rating of the film Nightfall

    Cette étonnante réalisation regroupe finalement ce qui se faisait de meilleur à l'époque, pour la conception d'un film réussi : un réalisateur patenté (Jacques Tourneur), un scénariste hors normes (Stirling Silliphant), un romancier incontournable (David Goodis), un chef-opérateur sublime (Burnett Guffey), et des acteurs dans la plénitude de leurs talents pour un explosif cocktail bienvenu...

  14. Scott Barley's rating of the film Nightfall

    Great Tourneur. Bad Aldo Ray.

  15. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Nightfall

    An inspiration for Fargo? Slow but efficient unravelling of what the story is all about, Great settings and dense atmosphere make this a worthwhile experience. I'm not so sure about Aldo Ray's performance.

  16. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Nightfall

    ★★★★ doomed relationships.

  17. msmichel's rating of the film Nightfall

    Not bad noir exercise from director Tourneur with a crackling script by Stirling Silliphant and David Goodis. Acting styles vary with Brian Keith a quite good villian, Aldo Ray a weak protaganist and Anne Bancroft showing very little of her later acting prowness in an early role. Bancroft's "wanted man" line a real howler.

  18. mjgildea's rating of the film Nightfall

    Pretty good noir gem. Jacques Tourneur's direction is great without being pushy & Anne Bancroft is nothing short of mesmerizing in this. The flashbacks are very well done as is any scene involving snow. I really feel Nightfall could've benefited from a different lead as Aldo Ray was schlubbish, dopey & I didn't really care about him. The rest of the cast was just okay & the ending was too convenient & abrupt to me.

  19. Sudipto Basu's rating of the film Nightfall

  20. Shayan Bazri's rating of the film Nightfall

  21. Daniel Trujillo's rating of the film Nightfall

    I loved this movie. Too bad Tourneur didn't get to make more of these types of films, one with Aldo and Mitchum would've been a treat from God

  22. Dave's rating of the film Nightfall

    Solid noir, raised up by the outstanding direction of Tourneur, one of the greatest of all noir directors. Burnett Guffey also shines as the DP.

  23. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Nightfall

    Film noir thriller from director Jacques Tourneur is unfortunately not on the level of some of his other noir classics. A strong story (based on a Dave Goodis novel) is hampered by a slow pace and too many talky scenes. Aldo Ray is a bit too luggish in the lead, but Anne Bancroft shines as his love interest in an improbable love story. Ruby Bond steals his scenes as a gleefully sadistic crook. Tourneur frames the gri