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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Douglas Reese's rating of the film Nikki

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  2. Denelle Kjellman's rating of the film Nikki

    Joi is a talented actress! Douglas is as great as always and the story is too real to handle at times

  3. Ryan Jamison's rating of the film Nikki

    An interesting look at two characters as they sit down for the inevitable end to their relationship, shot in Reese's classic long-take fashion planting you right there in the dreaded realism. Though it is also sprinkled with moments that cut through that sense of reality, which may be jarring and perhaps lose one's investment temporarily.

  4. M. Haberfelner's rating of the film Nikki

    Whoever has been dumped at one time or another during his or her lifetime (and who hasn't) will probably sympathize with Kevin in this movie - but that's not to say this movie is just a tearjerker to remind everybody of their own sad pasts,but an interestingly thought through mini-drama that finds many layers in its simple story. The movie is made up of very few, long takes that only adds intimacy to the proceedings.