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  1. Photo of F.H. Constantino

    F.H. Constantino Director

  2. Photo of Pierre L. Salas

    Pierre L. Salas Screenplay

  3. Photo of Samuel Hopkins Adams

    Samuel Hopkins Adams Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jaime de la Rosa

    Jaime de la Rosa Cast

  5. Photo of Charito Solis

    Charito Solis Cast

  6. Photo of Gil de Leon

    Gil de Leon Cast

  7. Photo of Eusebio Gomez

    Eusebio Gomez Cast

  8. Photo of Milagros Naval

    Milagros Naval Cast

  9. Photo of Arturo Moran

    Arturo Moran Cast

  10. Photo of Joe Bautista

    Joe Bautista Cast

  11. Photo of Johnny Legarda

    Johnny Legarda Cast

  12. Photo of Herminia Vicencio

    Herminia Vicencio Cast

  13. Photo of Bayani Abelardo

    Bayani Abelardo Cinematography

  14. Photo of Juan Silos Jr.

    Juan Silos Jr. Music

  15. Photo of Teody Carmona

    Teody Carmona Production Design

  16. Photo of Narcisa de Leon

    Narcisa de Leon Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Enrique Jarlego

    Enrique Jarlego Editing

  18. Photo of Luis Reyes

    Luis Reyes Sound